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I create. I capture moments. In photographs, as well as in words. As a photojournalist, I use tools – a camera and a computer – in order to freeze-frame short-lived instants in time. To make sure they are remembered long after the passing of the actual moment. There’s duality, a shit-load of it, in fact, as the image I capture utterly depends on where I point my camera. And the words I write depend on my mood, my state of mind, my rapport with my subject, my agony and my ecstasy. But I’m more craftsman than artist, and busting my gut goes hand in hand with that occasional flash of blinding insight.

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Great Zuurberg Trail Run 2019 – Done and Dusted


Stoke by the bucket-load shooting Great Zuurberg Trail Run from the saddle of the Giant Bicycles South Africa #Stance this past weekend. There’s no doubt in my mind that an #eBike is the most time-efficient (and ecofriendly) way for sport shooters to get around on just about any outdoor event ???????? One thing is for sure : #GZTR19 and their #mtb sister event, Great Zuurberg Trek, boast some [...]

Great Zuurberg Trail Run 2019 – Day 2


Day 2 done and dusted at the Great Zuurberg Trail Run near #addo, and yet again the incredible #OosKaap delivered on some incredible running. Grasslands traverses, montane #singletrack, dinosaur cycadifolias, close encounters with elephant at one of the nearby lodges, a superlative #sunsetand 5-star food. Like really, can it even get any better than this? Our fabulous hosts Zuurberg Mountain Village and Hayterdale trails have certainly [...]

Great Zuurberg Trail Run 2019 – Day 1 Highlights


Just some of the amazing scenery of the incredible Zuurberg Mountains on Day 1 of the Zuurberg Trail Run. Open jeep tracks along ridge lines provided fantastic views of the #grasslandvistas and the endless technical single tracks ensured many happy hours out in the #Addo Reserve. Click here to view the pics

Great Zuurberg Trail Run 2019 – Stage 1


End-of-days scenery and views along the incredible #Stage1 Route of the Great Zuurberg Trail Run in #addo, right within the heart of the #CacaduDistrict, in the gorgeous #EasternCape. Stunning #running along the 21km grassland & #montane forest route, with much of the #trailrun action playing out on #singletrack and jeep track. A sneaky 620m ascent and true #wilderness #trails make this a must-do experience ???????????? The girls gave it gas, with Tracey Campbell and Liza Kingston flying the [...]


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