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I create. I capture moments. In photographs, as well as in words. As a photojournalist, I use tools – a camera and a computer – in order to freeze-frame short-lived instants in time. To make sure they are remembered long after the passing of the actual moment. There’s duality, a shit-load of it, in fact, as the image I capture utterly depends on where I point my camera. And the words I write depend on my mood, my state of mind, my rapport with my subject, my agony and my ecstasy. But I’m more craftsman than artist, and busting my gut goes hand in hand with that occasional flash of blinding insight.

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50/50 and Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda


  So lekker to have had the opportunity to work with Bertus Louw from @5050tv during our Dunlop Tyres SA #BeyondTheRiftValley Expedition. His two exhilarating productions focusing on our #chimpanzee and #gorilla adventures show Peter Van Kets and #DieOom in their natural habitat, with excellent exposure for Isuzu South Africa, Front Runner South Africa, Hi-Tec South-Africa, Wilderness Safaris and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) of #RemarkableRwanda. Chuffed to have dozens of my Stills Images feature as part [...]

Goodbye Eastern Cape


A final outdoor Hurrah! to the #EasternCape on a gray and overcast Jbay day. A short #trailrun along the #Woodridge singletrack, before joining Brett Puttergill for a steepish ascent of the ‘Old Oxwagon Path’ Trail. This is one of the newly created #mtb routes from Crossways Country Kitchen, and part of the brilliant 3Rivers Trails mountain bike trail system. Excellent riding on the Giant Bicycles South Africa #anthem, superb cuisine [...]

Hello 2019


Too much beautifulness in #2018 to even try to make sense of. A couple of weeks spent with our youthfull wonders taught me a few things, like, for example, you never actually say ‘very’, but rather abbreviate it (as in vee nice). Also, just about any sentence can be improved by adding ‘like a boss’ [...]

Post Christmas 2018


Chasing sunsets, climbing windmills, #mtb missions with giraffe, afternoon siestas, #noorsveld trail runs, ridiculously long lunches, and half a dozen new #surf breaks … 2018 is winding down in the best way possible. From a laid-back and leisurely #SunshineCoast we headed into the heat wave enveloping the #karoo near Jansenville, succumbing to the excesses of a family #Xmas done right. I am sated, and it is only [...]


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