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I create. I capture moments. In photographs, as well as in words. As a photojournalist, I use tools – a camera and a computer – in order to freeze-frame short-lived instants in time. To make sure they are remembered long after the passing of the actual moment. There’s duality, a shit-load of it, in fact, as the image I capture utterly depends on where I point my camera. And the words I write depend on my mood, my state of mind, my rapport with my subject, my agony and my ecstasy. But I’m more craftsman than artist, and busting my gut goes hand in hand with that occasional flash of blinding insight.

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Swaziland 2015 – Mkhaya and Hlane


I keep getting sucked back into that magical mindspace that is Swaziland. MY previous post covered Mlilwane, the BIG GAME PARKS Wildlife Sanctuary set within the Ezulwini Valley, but there is a lot more to both BGP and ‘The Kingdom’. Mkhaya is a true bush getaway, albeit with an up-market twist, and arguably rates as [...]

Swaziland 2015 – The Many Moods of Mlilwane


Swaziland. The Kingdom. Land of a Million Smiles. Call it what you will, but this tiny country punches way above it’s weight when it comes to the utter bliss of family tourism. At 200km in length and around 130km wide, it is a pleasure to negotiate, and unlikely many other African destinations, the people seems [...]

Finding the Magic on the Machangulo Peninsula


Paradise is actually not that far away … Sometimes we think that we need to board multiple planes and traverse to a distant continent in order to find a natural nirvana, where an exotic culture and nature worthy of a National Geographic TV series collide with the best damn food on the planet. Not true. [...]

Cape Fires – March 2015


I have seen some truly spectacular photographs of the recent fires sweeping through the Cape Peninsula. So far the images I posted were mostly grabbed with my #SONY Xperia, but I did have the cameras on hand a few times – these are some of those photos. I know there has been some polemic and [...]

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