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I create. I capture moments. In photographs, as well as in words. As a photojournalist, I use tools – a camera and a computer – in order to freeze-frame short-lived instants in time. To make sure they are remembered long after the passing of the actual moment. There’s duality, a shit-load of it, in fact, as the image I capture utterly depends on where I point my camera. And the words I write depend on my mood, my state of mind, my rapport with my subject, my agony and my ecstasy. But I’m more craftsman than artist, and busting my gut goes hand in hand with that occasional flash of blinding insight.

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Otter African Trail Run 2017


There will be many an iconic moment at the Otter African Trail Run this year, but for most runners, the defining obstacle en route from the Storms River start line will be the Bloukrans river crossing. This in essence is what sets the  Grail of Trail  apart from any other trail run  in the world. A slip on the [...]

The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – Throwback Part 1: Cruising from Cape Town to the Cunene


This is one of those journeys that started quite some time ago. I’ve always been keen to get on board one of Peter Van Kets’ amazing adventures, but when we started chatting around an adventure collaboration earlier this year, I never expected that we’d launch the first in a series of Beyond Expeditions before the end of [...]

The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition


The Isuzu SA KB bakkie - fitted with  Grand Trek  tyres – showing what it is capable of during our incredible Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition. This powder-dust section on “Day 5  was typical of some of the river approaches in  Kaokoveld, Namibia.  The slow motion video was shot on my Sony Xperia XZ Premium  mobile phone, [...]

The Dunlop Tyres SA Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition – 18 September


And then it was done… After an exhilarating journey of 19 days, we’re finally saying goodbye to this remarkable desert we’ve been tripping through on our Dunlop Tyres SA  Beyond The Desert Edge Expedition. It is a wilderness world unlike any other, and the diverse ecosystems – from the Damaraland Torra rock fields to the alluvial plains [...]

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