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I create. I capture moments. In photographs, as well as in words. As a photojournalist, I use tools – a camera and a computer – in order to freeze-frame short-lived instants in time. To make sure they are remembered long after the passing of the actual moment. There’s duality, a shit-load of it, in fact, as the image I capture utterly depends on where I point my camera. And the words I write depend on my mood, my state of mind, my rapport with my subject, my agony and my ecstasy. But I’m more craftsman than artist, and busting my gut goes hand in hand with that occasional flash of blinding insight.

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In the Footsteps of the Great Farini

Lost City

Apparently there is a mythical Lost City of the Kalahari, situated somewhere amidst the shifting dunes and arid outcrops of the transcendental Kgalagadi landscape. This is if you care to believe the writings of Canadian explorer William Leonard Hunt, a man who also went by the stage name of … wait for it … The [...]

Just Another

False Bay morning

Summer is back and the Cape Peninsula rocks in the morning, especially if you get up Clovelly Peak before sunrise, and with a whole host of trail-running legends in tow. Noel Ernstzen, Roelande Greyling, Stuart Doc Hutcheson, Peter Kirk and Jade Jon De Hutton did the running, while Kim Stephens hung around looking pretty on [...]

Spur Adventure Duo Challenge : Paul Cluver 2014

Spur Duo

Chilled vibes out at Paul Cluver Wine Estate today for the first SPUR Adventure Duo of the Summer Season. As usual, the ‘Taste for Life’ crowd were out in full force, enjoying the stunning surrounds and superb trails characterising one of the Winelands’ top MTB (and wine-tasting) destinations. With a range of categories, from Racing-Snake [...]

Eden-2-Addo Hike 2014


400km of hiking over 22 days, from the Garden Route coast line all the way to Addo Elephant National Park, all via wilderness greenways … is that even possible? You better believe it. The annual E2A Hike start at Diepwalle near Plettenberg Bay, and finishes after a good 200hrs-plus of solid trekking in the Kabouga [...]

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