Monthly Archives: September 1999

Rough Riding Down Under

Bentley Luxury Sport Sedan

I shift in the saddle, relishing the warmth of the late afternoon sun slanting through the eucalyptus stands.  Erratic shadows angle away towards ochre sandstone cliffs.  Overhead, a flock of crimson rosellas flashes past in bursts of vermillion and blue.  I watch as Mike answers the call of gravity, dropping down and cannon-balling into the [...]

The Bruce Diaries (or outback retching)

6/7 September 1999 Fuck flying. Or anyway, fuck the 36 hours of limbo living preceding the flight. As usual, I have left everything to the last nano-second with packing and goodbyes and pet kissing spilling over into the insane rush to make it to CT International on time. And to add to the insanity of [...]