Monthly Archives: December 2004

Brazil – and The Giants of Rio

Boykies from Brazil Copacabana Beach. It’s hot, it’s humid and, you’re damn right, it’s happening. Now add 300-plus endorphin-crazed athletes, a few thousand litres of Red Bull and four extreme disciplines, and you have an adrenaline fest waiting to go off. Beach Patrol: Jacques Marais Sultry. If you need one word to describe the vibe […]

Seychelles revisited

26 November 2004 Woke up with the aging air con unit losing the battle against the onslaught of the tropics. Humidity and high temperature are in the early throes of a two pronged attack, cloying at the windows, steaming in the fecund vegetation outside my bungalow door, sending rivulets of sweat snaking along the small […]