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Non-stop Dusi Canoe Marathon

Stihl Nonstop Dusi Canoe Marathon 2010, Pietermaritzburg to Durban, KZN, RSA

This year’s Nonstop Dusi will forever be remembered as the event where Martin Dreyer’s Change A Life Development Squad took their lifelong dream and turned it into reality. His young charges made paddling history when they claimed line honours in the gruelling race, thus becoming the first black canoeists ever to win a major paddling [...]

Hong Kong, China & Macau – 2010

City scenes, food, temple and travel images in Hong Kong, China

January 18 – 28, 2010 OK, so it’s official : Chinese people are weird. And before anybody points out the obvious, I realise that I’m generalising here, and that they think I am one beer short of a six-pack too. But hell, having a couple across the aisle on Flight SA3962 squeeze each other’s zits [...]