Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tougher than PUFfeR

Ultra-marathon world champion Ryan Sandes and other trail runners competing in the Hi-Tec PUFfER ultra-marathon between Cape Point and the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, RSA

The undisputed Mother of All Cape Ultras; that’s the HI-TEC PUFfER. Kick off in Cape Point and navigate the spine of the Peninsula as you pound the trails to the finish at the V&A Waterfront. There are also a few intrepid souls who take on the HI-TEC TUFFER PUFFER, there and back, equating to more [...]

River Rumbling – Palmiet

SPUR AR River Rumble Series at Palmiet Adventure Festival, Kleinmond, Western Cape, RSA

River Rumbling – PalmietSPUR’s first River Rumble event fo 2010 kicked off in glorious weather in the beautiful Kogelberg valley near Kleinmond this past weekend. With a combo of trail running, water crossings, obstacles and croc paddling, it rates as 1000% fun-fun-fun! Click here to view the action.

Big Monday in Camps Bay

_MG_5497 (2)

The Women’s Day Swim happened in crashing conditions in Camps Bay today. Thirty six litres of sea water went down various orifices, but I got the shots in the end. Respect to every man and women who nonchalantly took on those monsters, and walked away to tell their tales. Click here to view the images.

Into the Valley – Change a Life

Adventure Racing Multisport Sprint, Msinsi Nagle Dam 2009

Change. Life. Two words. The change can be big or small. Life has to be lived, in the best way possible. In the Valley of A Thousand Hills, a vast and undulating rural patchwork encompassing much of KwaZulu-Natal stretching inland from Durban, a beautiful story of grit and determination is unfolding. Here, within the meandering [...]

Leeu-koud in die Karoo

Speedo swim

Leeu-koud. Net kop en maanhare … Dis hoe die manne in die Rooikat-kroeg in Sutherland se hotel die temperatuur in die Namakwa-Karoo beskryf. En ek belowe jou, hulle praat nie strooi nie. Ten spyte van die vuur, stywe doppe Oubies wat die rondte doen, en een van daai paneel-verwarmers in die slaapkamer, vermoed jy waaragtig dat daar dalk ʼn ysbeer of twee in die verlate hoofstraat ronddwaal hier rondom toemaaktyd.