Monthly Archives: November 2010

Roads less travelled …

ON THE N7 … Knersvlakte. Spoegrivier. Bitterfontein. Somerverdriet. En Moedverloor. The road to Springbok is certainly paved with the dashed dreams of erstwhile explorers and travelers. It is easy enough to see why when you traverse the Knersvlakte, or if you will “The Plains of Grashing Teeth” where millions of white pebbles blaze beneath the […]

Hantamland, neem my hand …

ON THE HANTAM … Thirteen hours is a darn long time in a car. I know, because that is how long it took us to get from Mata-Mata up in Kgalagadi to where Calvinia perches upon the endless Hantam plains. This little gem clings to the very edge of the inland plateau, just about where […]

Daar vêr in die ou Kalahari

ON THE KALAHARI … A sign near Springbok fires a warning shot across the bows of any vegetarian traveling north along the N7 – “This is Red Meat Country” it states unequivocally, and this rings ever more true as you continue your journey towards Upington. Here, like an edifice barely secondary to the prominence of […]

Theodore Yach Ultra Swim

Theodore Yach today took on the impossible swim from Hout Bay to Robben Island, via the great white shark alley off Dyer Island. The 35km would have taken him a minimum of 12 hours, but it wasn’t to be. Massive swell and an unfavourable current meant that he had to call off the mammoth swim. […]

Winelands Marathon 2010

Respect to the marathonners who whacked the Winelands 2010 race in grey and overcast conditions this morning. Don’t quite get why one would run on tarmac with the mountains right there though 🙂 Click here to view the pics

Aukoerebis, Place of Great Noise

Cataclysmic natural grandeur, enforced by the elements over billions of years, seems condensed into a single instant here in this ‘Place of Great Noise’. The phrase – a Western bastardisation of the Khoi ‘Aukoerebis’ captures the essence of the time space where the mighty !Xhariep thunders 80m along a granite chute into the grey-green pools […]

Going Goegap

Imagine the Richtersveld Mountain Desert, but distilled into a space ten times smaller. That’s Goegap. It is a nature reserve unknown to 999 South Africans out of every thousand, situated on the edge of Springbok, a town itself teetering on the beautiful edge of nowhere. Goegap is every-man desert, big enough to feel vast, small […]

Triple Triumph

The Triple Challenge, one of KZN and South Africa’s premier multi-sport events, once again saw the top endurance athletes from around the country face off against each other and the elements. The gruelling route combines segments from legendary events such as the Comrades, Amashovashova Cycle Classic, and Dusi Canoe Marathon, following a course through the […]

BEE Happy!

Organic honey farming may not be a new concept, but utilising the honey to make sweetener sachets for health-conscious people certainly is. Check out good food shops and restaurants for James ‘Bee’ Franklin’s Honey Stix … shweet! Click here to view the pics.