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Otter African Trail Run 2011

Hi-Tec Otter African Trail Run 2011

Once again, Magnetic South and their crew presented the incredible OTTER African Trail Run, in conjunction with sponsors HI-TEC. There is no other ultra marathon like this in the world, and once in a life time you HAVE to experience this if you’re a trail runner. Heaven on earth on the eyes, hell on the [...]

Green Kalahari Canoe Marathon

Green Kalahari Canoe Marathon Recce 2011

A weekend in the Northern Cape is a weekend well spent. You may need to deal with a concerted Jaegermeister and red meat onslaught, but you can be sure the fun will find you. Especially if you’re part of a group of paddlers about to scout the route for the first ever Green Kalahari Canoe [...]

Table Mountain Challenge 2011

Table Mountain Challenge 2011

Respect to every runner who finished the tough TMC 2011 route. Was good to see the determination through Deer Park, Orange Kloof, and Llandudno Corner and Ravine. Amazing effort, amazing day, and amazing mountain! Click here to view the images

Growing up African


Beth & Robs, coming to grips with live on our mixed-up, beautiful continent. And so they grow up … free-range, happy and (hopefully) slowly. Click here to view the images