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Hi-Tec PUFfeR 2012

PUFfeR 2012

Trail runners compete in the endurance HI-TEC PUFFER Ultra Run from Cape Point to the V&A Waterfront, in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, RSA Click here to see the pics

Get your GRAV on!

Gravity 1

The Gravity Adventure Festival, this year presented by leading outdoor apparel brand MERRELL, once again rocked the Kogelberg Reserve near Kleinmond in the Western Cape. With Tatum Prins and Graham Bird in charge, GRAV FEST has gone big … nearly as huge as Judgement Day rapid on the Palmiet River after all the recent rains. [...]

Tour de Tuli 2012: Day 4 – End of a Wild Ride

TdeT 4

All good things must come to an end, and Day 4 of TOUR DE TULI was infused with that bitter-sweet enjoyment of a Sunday evening joy ride, knowing that just another school day will stare you in the face come morning. As usual, the final stretch saw riders put the hammer down as they headed [...]

Tour de Tuli 2012: Day 3 – Crash and Burn

TdeT 3

The third day of TdT2012 traditionally kicks in at the top end of the scale when it comes to time in the saddle. As per usual, we set off at dawn, with me short cutting to the tea stop to make sure I get shots of the racing snakes in Group 1. From here, I [...]

Tour de Tuli: Day 2 – A Sandy Ride to Shashe

TdeT 2

Shashe Village in Zimbabwe featured as one of the main beneficiaries in TdT2012, with a major charity drive focusing on education in the area. Children came to dance and sing from all corners of the Maramani community and were soon kicking about soccer balls handed out by the riders and CHILDREN IN THE WILDERNESS. As [...]

Tour de Tuli 2012: Day 1 – Mission Mashatu

TdeT 1

TdT2012 started off with 70km-plus of cranking through the incredible Mashatu Game Reserve in the Northern Tuli block, mostly along well-trodden elephant paths. I set off solo just after dawn to catch the riders between Strat Point 1 and the Tea Stop, and was quite – ‘perturbed’ is not really a strong enough word I [...]

Tour de Tuli 2012: Day 0 – Arrival at Mashatu Game Reserve

TdeT 0

The TOUR de Tuli is a 4-day mountain bike tour as opposed to a ‘race’, and riders particpate on invitation to support the amazing CHILDERN IN THE WILDERNESS Charity. Do not let the ‘tour’ part of TdT lull you into a false sense of security though: four consecutive days of 70 kays along elephant footpaths, [...]