Monthly Archives: April 2013

Of Dirt Roads and Dorps

Dirt roads

My latest book (100 DORPS / 1000 THINGS) are just about done and dusted, with a couple of weeks to go before printing. As part of the book, much of the past few years have seen me exploring gravel roads and out-of-the-way dorps in order to get photographs, interesting stories and a handle on what [...]

Oorlogskloof Mountain Run 2013

OLK 2013

There’s no other trail run in SA (or the world) quite like Oorlogskloof. This race – part of the SPUR Country Classics Series presented by Quantum Adventures – will bomb you past herds of mountain zebra and troops of giant baboons, tunnel you into the very core of the earth as you navigate craggy sandstone [...]

Travels with Mrs Marais

Mrs Marais

… and the kids, plus family and assorted mates of course, to go and get muddy and married in the Eastern Cape. My cameras took a back seat for once, but when you trip through the Amatolas, along the Wild Coast and through the Tsitsikamma Forests, you have to occasionally slip the Nikon or Go-Pro [...]

Merrell Tsitsikamma MTB Challenge 2013

Tsitsikamma MTB

Next time you cruise the N2 past Storms River, check out the primal forests rising up on either side of the highway. Spiderwebbing through these ancient trees and pine plantations, you will find some of SA’s most glorious mountain biking and trail running routes, so make a point of stopping to investigate these trails. And [...]