Monthly Archives: July 2013

Oyster Marathon!


The final showdown in the annual KNYSNA Oyster Festival BIG 5 Competition came courtesy of the stalwart Forest Marathon, with competitors able to choose between the Half- or Full distances. There were no huge surprises (we won’t mention that somehow the marathon ended up being an ultra this year), with the BIG 5 standings very [...]

Oyster Xterra!

Exterra 1

This is the Speed Readers’ Condenced Version of this year’s Knysna Oyster Festival TOTALSPORTS XTERRA, as presented by REHIDRAT. It happened fast, damn fast, which is why I’m doing a condensed version of the race … Dan Hugo pulled out with an injury niggle – damn shame. Kevan Evans took his running to another level, [...]

Oyster Trail!


I’m biased, so sue me. The SALOMON Featherbed Trail Run, presented by GU, is without a doubt my favourite event at the annual Pick ‘n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival. Nothing quite matches up to it as far as scenery, natural grandeur and exhilaration go … Imagine a ferry ride across the estuary at dawn, with [...]