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SA Duathlon PE 2013

Second shoot of the weekend, and once again I have zero complaints about how it turned out. Bronwen Blunden, Nadine Matthew, Chris Hitchcock … with people like that on the team, how can it not turn out tops? Even the wind and sleeting rain could not spoil a tough day out for South Africa’s top […]

TransBaviaans 2013

There were two things wrong with TransBaviaans 2013. No. 1: I wasn’t riding. No. 2: I ended up causing a shite-load of dust for the mountain bikers trying to get up-front for some good shots. Other than that, it was pretty much on target as another ECOBOUND MTB stunner. Gut-thumping climbs, jaw-hanger landscapes, an awesome […]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli – Day 3: Fun, Sun and a Fair Bit of Suffering

The 3rd day historically sees riders taking on a shorter route and looking forward to some community interaction. Unfortunately, due to sensitivities around the recent election in Zimbabwe, the usual stop at the tavern in Maramani Village did not happen this year, although the riders did hand out soccer balls to dozens of kids along […]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli – Day 2 Bonus Album

Right, all you SuperGrouper Groupies … there have been so many calls for more faces and behind-the-scenes pix, so here’s your turn. Will try to make time to work through all the teams, so keep a sharp eye on this space … Click here to view the images

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2013 – Day 2: Going Limpopo Loco

My favourite day of riding at Tour de Tuli, and a good thing too as my legs could still feel the pack-toting through thick sand towards the end of Day 1. Once on the Slider 275, it all synched perfectly and any minor aches went out the window as we bombed the ess-bend singletrack through […]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2013 – Day 1: Mashatu Desert Duel

Tour de Tuli is a ride, not a race. It is about traversing a route of 300-oddkm through a swathe of pristine wilderness where Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa rub shoulders in a rough and tumble of rocky hills, sandy rivers and arid plains. The problem is, nobody seems to have mentioned this to guys […]