Monthly Archives: November 2013

Of Penguins and Parties


Gracie loves penguins. And the beach. And so do Beth and Robs. So what better way to celebrate a 2nd birthday than at Boulders Beach, with fresh sea air, rocks to climb, kelp pools to explore and penguins galore. Plus, Kay and I get to see some of our friends outdoors, and just have a [...]

XPERIA Z1 – Serious YOH! Factor


I’ve had the new XPERIA Z1 phone – SONY’S latest ‘pro-phonetography’ mobile powerhouse – for around a week now. I’ve played with it (lots), stared at it (in amazement), fiddled the knobs (repeatedly), taken it into the ocean (not really allowed), and had my kids show me 712-odd functions (that I would probably never have [...]

SPUR Adventure Duo #2 – Lourensford 2013

Lourensford #2

Exciting changes to the current series of SPUR Multisport events have seen the inclusion of a Solo Duo Category. This means that more serious competitors can get their teeth into a technical 25km MTB ride, followed by a 6km trail run without water obstacles along the way, and this been a huge hit with the [...]