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OTTER African Trail Run 2015 – The Perfect Race


Sometimes in life, it all comes together. Today, a Swiss trail runner by the name of Marc Lauenstein had such a day … the weather played ball; his impeccable flow across the rocks was timed to perfection; the Bloukrans River crossing was pretty benign; and he went out and grabbed the proverbial Otter by the [...]

OTTER African Trail Run 2015 – Prologue


Right, things are about to get real! Top marathon-distance endurance athletes from all over South Africa (and the world!) are congregated at Garden Route National Park, with less than 10hrs before setting off on SA’s premier off-road trail run. Today saw stand-out times at the Prologue by a number of speed merchants, including Kane Reilly, Marc [...]

OTTER African Trail Run 2015


It’s not often that a 1-day event manages to deliver a kick-ass, unforgettable, sit-up-and-take-notice whack of adventure, but this year, the OTTER Challenge run managed to do exactly that. It was proper, in all senses of the word. Their in-house meteorologist, Derek Van Dam, set the event at Level 3, which is pretty much as high [...]

Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding World Champs 2015 – behind the scenes


A few more images capturing the faces, logistics and behind-the-scenes moments at the first day of the Kimberley Diamond Cup. Not typically core #sk8 photos, but more the moments that I found visually appealing, or memorable. Still incredulous at the fact that literally the best skateboarders on the planet came to Kimberley for the World Championships, and [...]

Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding World Champs 2015 – Day 2


I’m no skater punk. Never has been, and never wilI had my fair share of rebeeling in my youthl. Give me a mountain bike or a pair of trail running shoes, maybe a 9′ 2″ longboard in a wedgy swell, and you’ll see me grinning from ear to ear. Sk8er Boy? Not so much. But [...]

Kimberley Diamond Cup 2015 Skateboarding World Champs – Day 1


Updated on Saturday The annual pilgrimage of all things skate in the good old RS-of-A once again kicked off in Kimberley yesterday, with the grunge generation heading into the Diamond Fields region of the Northern Cape.These skater boys and girls travel into this place of searing heat and roiling dust to see their heroes grab [...]