Monthly Archives: January 2016

Of Mountains and Stars


In our backyard, we have one of the truly mythical mountains of our tiny Blue Planet. It rears it’s rugged bulk a mere 1086m above the tempestuous chop of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is so much more than a gargantuan hulk of antediluvian granite and sandstone. Ancient time-lines crisscrosses its soaring buttresses, and it [...]

24 HOURS of Oak Valley

Oak Valley

24 Hours of solid riding, along a gritty track of around 11kays, and with 250m or so ascent along the route. Stifling heat on Day #1, with a crap-load of dust due to very dry course conditions, and a never-say-die bunch of hard core muckers on your ass … can we just say the annual #24HrEnduro at [...]

Chill Time 2015/6


Before 2016 charges off towards the inevitable Xmas Event Horizon, I’m taking a quiet moment to reflect on precious time spent with family and friends over the summer holiday season. Grootvadersbosch, Plett Bike Park, De Hoop, and Jbay on the Eastern Cape’s Sunshine Coast … it all went way too quickly. The memories remain, however, [...]