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TransCape 2016 Day 7 – The Champagne Day


This amazing race is done … right now, it’s all too hectic to capture the emotions in words. But as the saying goes: a picture is worth a 1000x words, so here goes with the images from Transcape #Stage7  :-) Click here to view the pics

TransCape 2016 Day 5 – A Singletrack-Minded Day


Good things are worth the wait indeed, and no dorp more so than Greyton. As usual, Searle’s Restaurant kicked in with a kickass party, and if it were not for my ninja tequila-ducking moves, I would not have made it to bed before midnight. Actually I snuck out like the #oom I am, but somehow still did [...]

Transcape 2016 Day 5 – The OverHill Day

Transcape 5

After the heat and horse-flies and general route mayhem of yesterday, the #TransCape organisers made a call today to shorten the route between Swellendam and Greyton, cutting out one of the rugged mountain legs in lieu of a flatter gravel road section. This effectively turned the Overberg Day into an ‘OverHill Day’, but I did not see [...]

TransCape 2016 Day 4 – The Day of Milk and Honey …. and horse-flies

Transcape 4

There was this fairy-tale that today was going to be an easy day, but you know how rumours go. Down the tube, that’s how. You can believe the MTB Fairies as much as you want when your legs are blunt and your muscles screaming with fatigue … They whisper those two magic words in you [...]

TransCape 2016 Day 3 – Mind-Over-Matter Day


Right, you have around 120km to crank, from Calitzdorp to Riversdale … that sounds pretty do-able, right? Hmm, if you’re an MTB God, I mean, of course. Stage Racers do it every day, and all that. But #TransCape is different. Chuck in a gruelling ‘King & Queen of the Mountain Stage’ up the girtty Rooiberg Pass, assorted [...]

TransCape 2016 Day 2 – The Day of Certain Death


Bliksem. Gamkaberg is one ma-se-grannygear of a crank. First you have the long unduling up-and-up from WaterPoint #2. Then, all of a sudden, you bugger off into the klipkak ridges to the right of the district road, and it is about now that you realise that the shizz is going to hit the small-blade. It’s [...]

Transcape 2016 Day 1


TransCape Part II … it is – in just about anyone’s book – a day made up of equal parts of dreams and nightmares. The second showing of this astoundingly tough MTB Challenge is made of seven days of gruelling riding, with competitors taking on 750km of gravel road, jeep track and single-track as they [...]