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Canon Roadhouse, Fish River Canyon, Namibia 2016

DK en route 2

Africa is a place of a billion beautiful stories, and only a handful of countries in the world can lay claim to a more dramatic backdrop – or more heartwarming people – in which to stage these sagas, than ‪#‎Namibia‬. We’re hoping to capture just one of these stories, following the human drama of a young [...]

On the way to Desert Knights MTB Challenge 2016

DK en route

Cruising the N7 northwards towards the Noordoewer border post with Namibia to go and shoot the ‪#‎DesertKnights‬ MTB Challenge. Six amazing days of mountain biking and river kayaking await in the incredible mountain desert of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. Thanks‪#‎Isuzu_Za‬, ‪#‎GiantRSA‬, ‪#‎Thule‬, ‪#‎TomTom‬, ‪#‎WorldPanel‬, ‪#‎SonyXperia‬and ‪#‎Buff_ZA‬ - proper adventure about to be served! Click here to view the pics

Exploring Beaufort West 2016

Beaufort West

This ‘Capital of the Karoo’ proved to be a perfect halfway trip-stop for us during our mission up to #Mokala in the Northern Cape. To me, the best thing of all was how safe and secure one felt running or riding here upon the wide-sky plains … no traffic, no pollution, no skebengas, and no dangerous animals. [...]

Kingdom of the Camel-Thorn


Just to the south of Kimberley is a hidden gem of a national park by the name of #Mokala. In Setswana, this means the ‘Kingdom of Thorn Trees’, and the park is the most perfect example of savanna-thornsveldt you will find anywhere in the Northern Cape, or for that matter anywhere else in South Africa. Utter [...]