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Rhino Facts Trip 2016


For six days last week, I traveled with a group of international journalists on a fact-finding mission around southern Africa’s key rhino conservation ranges. Funded by the neutral#Comanis Foundation, the focus of the trip was to meet with as many conservation specialists and rhino custodians as possible and – based upon their professional input – generate [...]

Trans Baviaans #2 2016 – All the Guts. All the Glory.


There may be a few other pretenders to the throne, but the#TransBaviaans 24HR MTB Marathon remains the original and one hundred per cent proof ‘Mother’ of all the single-stage Mountain Biking Monster events here at the southern tip of Africa. If you’re brave (or fool-hardy) enough to dare line up at the start, you had better [...]

Trans Baviaans #2 2016 – A Sneaky Peek at some of the 24hr Action


Guts, glory and bucket loads of grit. Believe me, you’ll need that if you roll up to the start line of this long-standing #MTBroller-coaster ride from #Willowmore to #Jbay. Along the 230km route you will ascend 3550m, all the while slugging it out with rutted descents and rambunctious climbs. If you survive #MAC (Mother of All Climbs) and #BigDipperand the #NeverEnder, there are [...]

Trans Baviaans #1 2016


Seriously sleep-deprived after this year’s #TransBaviaans #1 … All I can say at this stage is what an incredible event! I will expound in more detail about the various factors which makes this 230km / 24hr / 3550m ascent ride such an incredibly gruelling undertaking. Right now, I need my bed. Huge kudos to Zane Schmahl, Carmen Schmahl, Wikus Van [...]

Tour de Tuli 2016: Day 4 – Here Endeth the Adventure


There are no sunrises anywhere in the world quite like those of southern Africa’s bush veldt. A gigantic blood-orangte orb rose up above Mapungubwe’s ancient hills on the final day of theNedbank #TourDeTuli, signalling a 70km-plus ride into the Maramani Community area of Zimbabwe. Issues around entry into Zimbabwe had dogged the organisers, but somehow Nicola Harris pulled [...]

Tour de Tuli 2016: Day 3 – Death by Endo


Just another one of those incredible days in Africa, really … Early dawn time-lapses while sipping on a Bean There Coffee Company cappucino in the rock-choked gullies above Amphitheatre Bush Camp led onto some trippy and technical single-track zigzagging through endless fields of rocks, and then segued into the mopane belt proper. A fantastic sighting of two [...]

Tour de Tuli 2016: Day 2 – Beating around the Bush


Stars. Billions of them, tracing zirconia arcs across a velvet sky. Feeling your feet anchored to Mother Earth, with mashatu tree silhouettes scrabbling at the heavens … Tramping into the rock-shocked canyon behind Amphitheatre Bush Camp to set up a time-exposure. And feeling all cocky, until a leopard coughed in the ridges before, then scampering [...]

Tour de Tuli 2016 Day 1 : Mashatu Trailing


If you want real wilderness riding, it’s never going to get any wilder than the dry-as-dust savanna stretching across the Botswana plains just beyond the Pontdrift border post. Scrubby plains – dotted with umbrella thorn and leadwood trees – flatline forever past amber rock outcrops, with hundreds of kilometres of elephant single-track and game trails [...]

Tour de Tuli 2016 – Prelude to Adventure


This year, #SAFAIR did not lose my bike on the way to the annual #TourDeTuli MTB Ride in the #Tuli Block. Hallelujah! This obviously was a huge relief and an awesome start to one of my favourite annual mountain biking adventures, and proved to be a sign of excellent things to come. I was fortunate enough to fly up a day [...]