Monthly Archives: March 2017

iSimangaliso – The Unbearable Beauty of the Eastern Shores

In a natural space as impossibly beautiful as #iSimangaliso Wetland Park, it seems nearly unfair to have a favourite section. Bite me, because I do, and it is the #EasternShores. There are just too many facets to this biodiverse section unfolding from #Bhangazi Gate to the seductive shoreline sweep of the Indian Ocean at #CapeVidal. […]

iSimangaliso – Exploring the Western Shores

In case you haven’t realised it yet, this #iSimangaliso ‘Place of Miracles and Wonders’ is jaw-droppingly huge. It stretches over 332 00ha, all the way from the Kosi Bay Lake Sytem up against Mozambique, for well over 300km southwards to the south of Lake St. Lucia. Our journey started up in the #CoastalForest Section near Rocktail Beach Camp, from where […]

iSimangaliso – A Day in Sodwana Bay

Yup, I know … there’s no way you can properly do #Sodwana in a day (especially when it is bucketing with rain, and with the ocean in a contemptuously wild and pissed-off mood). Unfortunately, this is what our #iSimangaliso shoot programme boiled down to, so we got stuck in and milked every moment in between the downpours. Fortunately, we […]