Monthly Archives: February 2018

Of Dog Stones and Plat Snoeks …

This is the story of #PlatSnoek. According to our local man on the ground, Dudley Bruce Wessels, the only way to survive the 8 Degree Celsius waters of the #WestCoast is through liberal application of said ‘Plat SNoek’, aka one of those flat bottles of #OldBrownSherry. The correct methodology seems lost in the mists of time (or haze of #OBS), but […]

No Worries in Naries

One of my best ever #NorthernCape discoveries came on our recent Open Africa #NamaquaCoastalRoute trip … The destination in question is the Naries Namakwa Retreat – and one can find it secreted amidst the renosterbos rante on the Kleinzee road 15min west of Springbok. This delightful destination caters for an outdoor crowd keen to combine a unique fresh-air escape with a […]