Monthly Archives: August 2018

The Beyond the Rift Valley Expedition 2018

BTRV map

A map and a few snapshots of what awaits along our Dunlop Tyres SABEYOND THE RIFT VALLEY Expedition Route when the Isuzu South Africavehicles depart on the arduous #CapeTownToKigali Leg of this mammoth cross-continental road-trip on September 16th … Yup, we’ve swapped the ancient deserts of Namibia and Angola for the jade jungle heart of Rwanda, and with Peter Van [...]

TransBaviaans 2018 – The Repeat


One week later, and Boom! Time for the EcoBound Mountaiin Events TransBaviaans 2018 Repeat, with another 1200-plus MTB heroes taking on the gruelling 230km pedal via the wild and rugged Baviaanskloof  Mega-reserve in the Eastern Cape. These last few years have seen a massive step-up in the quality of the field – even during The Repeat  - and the top dogs [...]

Transbaviaans 2018: Biking Baboon Gorge


Right, time to start uploading the proper pix from Ecobound Mountain Events TransBaviaans 2018  … still working through stacks of images, so expect more photos and videos to follow over the next couple of days … As usual, exceptional dedication and teamwork from  Zane Schmahl and the brilliant  Ecobound MTB  Crew.  As always, TransBaviaans proved to be an absolutely [...]

Namaqua West Coast Day #3: Did I mention the Wine!?


Throwback Thursdayish post, time-lining back to this time last week in the Namaqua West Coast, with #DieOom ducking and diving to avoid a mid-week hangover … Our final day on the #VisitNWC Media Recce started off at delightful #DoringBay, a dorp with more secrets than you could shake a proverbial stick at. Diamond boats drift on the tempestuous tides here, while [...]