Namaqua West Coast Day #3: Did I mention the Wine!?

Throwback Thursdayish post, time-lining back to this time last week in the Namaqua West Coast, with #DieOom ducking and diving to avoid a mid-week hangover …

Our final day on the #VisitNWC Media Recce started off at delightful #DoringBay, a dorp with more secrets than you could shake a proverbial stick at. Diamond boats drift on the tempestuous tides here, while the ramshackle harbour buildings are home to a whole shebang of other gems.

Jip, ek het reedsvertel dat die spoeg spat oor die Fryer’s Cove Vineyards wyne, maar wie sou kon raai dat daar ‘n moerse perlemoen plaas hier in die hawe is? Dit is maar net een van die werkskeppings projekte hier op die Weskus wat die tradisionele vissers gemeenskappie help kop bo water hou.

Hit the road back in-land past Papendorp, and jou will see a turn off to the mission village of Ebenheaser. Hier ontdek jy ‘n heel ander juweel onder die naam Doornkraal Wines, with two local jintelman Ooms creating some of the region’s most sught-after chenin blanc wines.

With the help of Namaqua Wines, Vredendal, this community start-up project has become an unqualified success story. Two tiny blocks of coastal vines – tended by Oom Henzil Love and Niklaas le Roux, and under the watchful eyes of Dirk de Bruynof #NamaquaWines - are making waves in the wine world. They still plough the fields with an old cart horse, farming in an age-old and unhurried way.

The wine-tasting started in all earnest once we got to Namaqua’s Die Keldery Restaurant. Ek was te oud vir die jelly-tots-en-vrugtesap jol (damnit!), maar het darem heel guitig aan Alwyn J Maass se kampioen kultivars geteug … Donner, ou Alwyn, jy kan maar! And the food here is absolutely off the charts, with everything from delectable seafood pastas, grilled espetadas and rare fillet waarvoor manne sal vuis slaan.

Na ‘n wyn-en-biltong proe het ons pad gevat na Teubes Wines. This family winery specialises in premium organic wines, and has a laid-back soort van Weskus-Provence-Tuscany gevoel. Don’t miss their #Karoobossie Kap Classic if you’re a fan of quality bubbles, either. Definitief ‘n plek waarheen ek wil terug gaan …

Last stop along our return route to Cape Town was with the ever-friendly folk at Klawer Wynkelder / Klawer Wines. This is one of my regular N7 stops, and their rooibos-infused vermouth has attained legendary status as brownie point gifts with mothers-in-law from around the world. New at #Klawer is their #rooibos and wine pairing, a pucker local-is-lekker gourmet experience, and definitely worth the stop.

En dit, mense, is net die tippie van hierdie ysberg van pret en plesier en avontuur wat op jou wag hier in die #NamaquaWeskus. One way or another, the fun is sure to find you, as there are dozens of adventures lurking around literally every corner, up every gravel road, in all those little #Matzikamma dorps, and in every little hide-away bay dotting the icy Atlantic shoreline. En jy gaan moer baie wyn drink, maar dis oraait, want dis very blerry lekker wyn, ou pjêl!

Huge thanks to Namaqua Wines, Vredendal Teubes Wines Klawer Wynkelder / Klawer Wines and of course Monika De Jager and all her incredible staff at Namaqua West Coast – we loved every second. And a tip of the cap to Peter Kirk for always playing the action man model, jy’s nogal oraait, Pistol!

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