Beyond the Rift Valley 2018 – Tanzania leg

Insane. We snuck across the #mbala border post into Tanz late yesterday arvie, and did a sneaky dogleg off the main dirt drag to camp wild in a small miombo woodland copse. A serenade of unidentified frogs and night jars soundtracked our night as we cracked open a few beers, and had an inaugural boerie braai on the #FrontRunner grid. Damn goodness all round.

Right now, the #xriders are side-swiping along an indeterminate dirt road to #kigoma, with the #GrandTrek tyres just rolling, rolling, rolling. Dry deciduous forests blanketing the Rift Valley foothills shrugging up all round. Like any other day in Africa, it is a damn good day to be alive

Keep following us on our SPOT Africa tracker as the @Dunloptyres_SA #BeyondTheRiftValley head ever northward to #rwanda. Some snapshots of Tanzania – taken on the #SONYA7RIII - captures the exhilaration of journeying through this proud nation.

Click here to view the pics

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