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KAZA Trip 2018 – Botswana

Click here to see images of the Botswana leg of the KAZA trip

KAZA Trip 2018 – The Hippo Adventure

So how do you start a story about the #KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area in Namibia? That’s pretty straightforward: you just tell people how you got revved by a pissed-off hippo bull on the #Linyanti River. Yup. Really. Anyone who knows this area on the #Caprivi Strip also knows it is often referred to as the ‘Little Delta’. This rates as one […]

KAZA Trip 2018 – 5 days in

Five days into our #KAZATransfrontier Conservation Area Media Trip, and about to leave #Zambia, Africa’s ‘Sleeping Giant’. Once you start tripping this vast interior, you soon understand why locals refer to to it as such: only 15 million people in a country the size of mainland Europe, with Kafue National Park alone bigger than Belgium. This means […]

KAZA Trip 2018 – Zambia

The ‘Sleeping Giant’. That’s what many local people call Zambia, and once you start traveling into the vast interior, you soon understand why. Only 15 million people in one of Africa’s largest countries – think the size of mainland Europe and you get an idea – with Kafue National Park alone way bigger than Belgium, […]