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Comanis Foundation Rhino Facts Tour 2019: Care for the Wild Rhino Sanctuary


They arrive, bludgeoned with knobkieries, dehydrated and disoriented, bleeding from wounds inflicted by pangas, machetes and sharpened metal stakes. Sometimes, they are less than a week old, and after being hacked by poachers for no reason, they have to run and hide from the hyenas who have learnt to listen for those midnight shots. The trauma [...]

Comanis Foundation Rhino Facts Tour 2019: Swaziland


Over the past few days, I had the privilege of traveling with a group of journalists and film makers on a fact-finding media trip to visit some of the key institutions fighting #rhino poaching in southern Africa. With the assistance of the neutral Comanis Foundation, we managed to meet with a full spectrum of #conservation specialists, anti-poaching experts and rhino [...]

Comanis Foundation Rhino Facts Tour 2019: Off-line Dogs


“Off-line Dogs”… Just in case you’re wondering, this term has nothing to do with internet connectivity or Google Search. Instead, what may at first sound like cyber hounds are actually trained tracking dogs running off the leash, and these canines have become the new frontline heroes in the anti-poaching war. A group of us have spent [...]

Comanis Foundation Rhino Facts Tour 2019 – Southern African Wildlife College


“This is a war, no question about it. And right now, we are losing it”… I may be paraphrasing the words of the legendary wildlife veterinarian, Pete Rogers, but this unequivocally captures his sentiment concerning rhino #conservation. We’ve spent the past two days embedded at the South African Wildlife Collegeas part of the Comanis Foundation #RhinoFacts Media Tour, hoping to [...]

Comanis Foundation Rhino Facts Tour 2019


The ‘War on Rhinos’ continues, and it is estimated that up to a thousand rangers and conservation personnel have so far died in a pitched battle where poachers seem to have the undeniable upper hand … I am privileged to once again be a part of the Comanis Foundation#RhinoFacts Tour, with internationally-focused media visits scheduled for #KrugerNP and the Big [...]

TransCape MTB Challenge 2019


The annual #TransCapeMTB Stage Race – truly a ‘Bicycle Journey across the Cape’ – arguably rates as one of South Africa’s most scenic and exhilarating mountain-biking events. Today, riders from around the globe saddled up to journey from the Garden Route – across the Karoo, Hessequa and Overberg Regions, and all the way to the Cape Winelands [...]