Ozone Tourism Activation Project – Done

Yo-yo-yo #Kouga, what’s next on the @adventure menu. Ended off a stunning week in #jeffreysbay after some wilderness play at #BergRiverEcoResort#Pabala#Crossways and the #FerryHotel in the gorgeous #Gamtoos Valley. There’s too much to mention, in between #tuktuk fun, #sandboarding#horseriding, waterfall #hiking, great #Cuisine and down-home hospitality. Tomorrow, it’s back to business for the OZone Crew as we tackle the EcoBound Mountain Events #TransBaviaans2019 Repeat

Lekker to have another #oZoneAfrica Project in the bag, with #IsuzuSA driving our road trip! And big hugs to Gracie Meisie who took a massive tumble off her horse when it decided to bolt home. Very relieved that she did not hurt herself badly.

Click here to view the pics

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