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Expedition Africa 2018: Part V – Carnage in The Kobee


It’s been a long week since the ‘Big Babbelaas’, after the Namaqua Wines Party, following on from the Big Sleep, and post #EA2018 … I must confess, it somehow feels way longer, and while looking through the images in this final #ExpeditionAfrica post, there’s a compelling urge time-lining me back to that breathtaking route the racers [...]

Fishermans Trail Challenge 2018


Missioned up #MuizenbergPeak a couple of hours before dawn this morning to shoot the annual Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge, which this year sort of morphed into the ‘Muiz Monster Ascent’. Runners had to gun into near-vertical mode straight from the start-line, with no respite until they summitted this craggy pile of rocks before dropping down onto the #Silvermine Trail System. The [...]

Expedition Africa 2018: Part IV – A Commune with Cedars


Gut-thumpingly craggy, with jagged peaks and stone-chocked gulleys … Golden grasslands a-wave along the Jan Dissels River run-off … Gnarled and contorted mountain cedars, locked in life or death struggles upon high, serrated ridge lines … And heathers, proteas, lilaceas and restios in utter profusion … At first glance the #Cederberg ranges comes across as something out [...]

Expedition Africa 2018: Part III – Hasta La Vista, Knersvlakte


It is during the early pre-dawn hours on #Day2 that Dudley and I time-line onto the sparse plains of the antediluvian Knersvlakte, or loosely translated, ‘The Plains of Gnashing Teeth’. It is here that the early colonising Trekboers came face to face with the full forces of nature on the Africa nontinent, and frankly, it is not much different [...]

Expedition Africa 2018: Part II – The Road to Ratelgat


Or maybe I should rather say the ‘River to Ratelgat’ … The Kinetic Events Africa #EA2018 was always going to be a bit of an outdoor brawl, but nobody expected this gut-thumping blow to the guts so early on in this amazing race through the spectacular Namaqua West Coast region. Yup, the competitors knew that a 50km paddle lurked with intent [...]

Expedition Africa 2018: Part 1 – A Visual Retrospective


The most difficult thing post #ExpeditionAfrica is not really the #FOMO if you’re a photographer … it is more how to narrow down the images you want to use. Thing is, there are so many special moments for so many different people, that it becomes difficult to just discard a photograph which captures any one [...]

The AR Years


It is less than a week to the start gun at this year’s Kinetic Events Africa #ExpeditionAfrica, happening along the arid West Coast and Cederburg region. I’ll be there following the legendary Peter Van Kets, Kim van Kets, Misty Weyer and Dylan James Weyer, competing as GRIT Nyamezela Adventure Racing Team. It’s been a while since those heady #AR days, so I dug deep into [...]

Swartberg Gran Fondo 2018


As usual, it has been beyond kiff to play in that little piece of heaven that goes by the name of Prince Albert. Yup, shooting the annual #GranFondo for John Swanepoel is always a jol, because – for the duration of that day – you get to make a guest appearance in Big John’s craggy and kickass Karoo backyard. [...]

Of Dog Stones and Plat Snoeks …


This is the story of #PlatSnoek. According to our local man on the ground, Dudley Bruce Wessels, the only way to survive the 8 Degree Celsius waters of the #WestCoast is through liberal application of said ‘Plat SNoek’, aka one of those flat bottles of #OldBrownSherry. The correct methodology seems lost in the mists of time (or haze of #OBS), but [...]

No Worries in Naries


One of my best ever #NorthernCape discoveries came on our recent Open Africa #NamaquaCoastalRoute trip … The destination in question is the Naries Namakwa Retreat – and one can find it secreted amidst the renosterbos rante on the Kleinzee road 15min west of Springbok. This delightful destination caters for an outdoor crowd keen to combine a unique fresh-air escape with a [...]