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Surfing at the Dunes

Sucking the last marrow from the bones of the holiday with a 5am dawnie at Dunes. Not a single surfer except for Henrik and Robster and me to interfere with those peeling Noordhoek lines … Topped off by almond croissants and a cortado from The Village Roast to feed the beasty 😊👌 Click here to view the pics

Exploring the Tulbagh Bone Trail

Bru… Let’s just say #MountainBiking is a pretty cruel sport. If you’re spending more time on your #board than on your #bike – way more, in my case – you’re going to seriously suffer when you tackle the #Tulbagh #BoneTrail, a tough old bugger of a crank into those high-and-righteous #witzenberg ridges. Start off from the #trailhead at @manleywinelodge just outside historic Tulbagh, keeping right on the […]

Chilling at Petervale Guest Farm

It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to visit the #ceres area, so it was a no-brainer when friends invited us for overnight #camping at #Petervale Guest Farm. This is where the #KoueBokkeveld ranges abutt onto the Cape Winelands, making for an #outdoor playground beyond compare. One of the easy #adventure options is a quick 30min hike to ‘God’s Bathtub’, where a mountain stream cascades […]

Climbing in Kalk Bay

Our backyard is a playground without compare. Yesterday, Christo Swanepoel introduced us to a whole heap of bolted #climbing routes on Trappieskop. A quick 45min hike gets you to the foot of the crags, and then you have at least a dozen different routes beckoning. One thing is for sure: a Grade 18 on Kalk Bay rock feels way […]

Date night with Karyn Marais

Date night with Karyn Marais is rarely a tame or leisurely affair. An #Uber got us to the start of our favourite Peninsula Traverse, and for the next 3hrs we lost ourselves within the misty peaks above Smitswinkel and Simonstown as the sun set over the #BeautifulSouth. We timed the trek to finish just in time for a superb supper […]

Happy 2020!

The smile may still be lopsided, but it is big and happy. The good news is that my front teeth are back in place and that the stitches (especially those buggers inside my mouth) are finally about to be removed 🙏 Even better, I’ve banked my first recovery #surf of the year, and it’s time to fully focus […]

What I REALLY want for Christmas 2019 …

So it turns out all I really want for Xmas are my two front teeff (and not that long left roller I’ve been hunting). Kay and I followed up that wild reserve session with a quickie in Clov Corner, where a gust managed to flip the board and spear it straight back into my face […]

All I want for Christmas 2019 …

All I want for #Xmas is a long left roller 🌊🌊🌊 What a month of surf we’ve had here in the #BeautifulSouth, topped off with a thumping Reserve session yesterday. I have to admit my heart rate spiked with every one of those intimidating walls rolling in (and yes, my hit rate was well below average on the fading left), […]

Diep in die hart van Doringbaai

The annual Perlemoen Festival and touch rugby tournament held on the Namaqua West Coast, sponsored by WESGRO, in Doringbaai, Western Cape, South Africa, RSA Click here to view the pics

Doringbaai Perlemoen Fees 2019

Zoned. Stoked. Buzzing with good vibes. Sun-burnt and high on ocean #oZONE. One hundred per cent after-action satisfaction. With bellies full of #kreef and #perlemoen (and slightly hung-over, I might add). That’s what a weekend on the Namaqua West Coast will do to you 😏 👌💪 The annual #Doringbaai #PerlemoenFees delivered on all levels, without for a single second losing out on the earthy authenticity of this […]