Desert Knights MTB Challenge 2016 Day 1: Hup Hup Hobas

DK day 1

First day of ‪#‎DesertKnights‬ 2016 is done and dusted, with an edge-of-the-cliff 35km ride along the gorge(ous) Fish River Canyon in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park in ‪#‎Namibia‬ last night. A scattering of rain drops and threatening skies mirrored the exhilaration of the field of riders. Today we saddle up to ride to the /Ai/Ais Hot Springs, traversing one of [...]

Desert Knights MTB Challenge 2016 Day 2: Deser Roads Dreaming


Cue long and windy gravel district roads time-warping through the arid heart of southern Namibia, snaking all the way from the Fish River Canyon to the mineral hot springs at /Ai-/Ais Resort. Most of the pre-ride day was spent within the beautiful weirdness that is the Canyon Road House. Part museum, part restaurant and part [...]

Choices – Day 1, Desert Knights MTB Challenge

DK Day 1 choice

The choices you make in life… On ‪#‎Day1‬ at ‪#‎DesertKnights‬, there is a gravel road that runs a 100m away from the incredible Fish River Canyon. You can choose to stay on that road and get to the finish 5min earlier. Or you could venture off track and add huge endorphins to your ride, for a minimal physical [...]

Leaving Canon Roadhouse, Fish River Canyon, Namibia 2016

DK en route 3

Another pre-dawn mission through Canyon Park with Pistol Peter Kirk to shoot Bennie saying good bye to his flock of Damara fat-tailed sheep.‪#‎DesertKnights‬ start in a few hours and the butterflies are coming home to roost ‪#‎BraveHeartBennie‬ Click here to view the pics

Canon Roadhouse, Fish River Canyon, Namibia 2016

DK en route 2

Africa is a place of a billion beautiful stories, and only a handful of countries in the world can lay claim to a more dramatic backdrop – or more heartwarming people – in which to stage these sagas, than ‪#‎Namibia‬. We’re hoping to capture just one of these stories, following the human drama of a young [...]

On the way to Desert Knights MTB Challenge 2016

DK en route

Cruising the N7 northwards towards the Noordoewer border post with Namibia to go and shoot the ‪#‎DesertKnights‬ MTB Challenge. Six amazing days of mountain biking and river kayaking await in the incredible mountain desert of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park. Thanks‪#‎Isuzu_Za‬, ‪#‎GiantRSA‬, ‪#‎Thule‬, ‪#‎TomTom‬, ‪#‎WorldPanel‬, ‪#‎SonyXperia‬and ‪#‎Buff_ZA‬ - proper adventure about to be served! Click here to view the pics

Exploring Beaufort West 2016

Beaufort West

This ‘Capital of the Karoo’ proved to be a perfect halfway trip-stop for us during our mission up to #Mokala in the Northern Cape. To me, the best thing of all was how safe and secure one felt running or riding here upon the wide-sky plains … no traffic, no pollution, no skebengas, and no dangerous animals. [...]

Kingdom of the Camel-Thorn


Just to the south of Kimberley is a hidden gem of a national park by the name of #Mokala. In Setswana, this means the ‘Kingdom of Thorn Trees’, and the park is the most perfect example of savanna-thornsveldt you will find anywhere in the Northern Cape, or for that matter anywhere else in South Africa. Utter [...]

TransCape 2016 Day 7 – The Champagne Day


This amazing race is done … right now, it’s all too hectic to capture the emotions in words. But as the saying goes: a picture is worth a 1000x words, so here goes with the images from Transcape #Stage7  :-) Click here to view the pics

TransCape 2016 Day 5 – A Singletrack-Minded Day


Good things are worth the wait indeed, and no dorp more so than Greyton. As usual, Searle’s Restaurant kicked in with a kickass party, and if it were not for my ninja tequila-ducking moves, I would not have made it to bed before midnight. Actually I snuck out like the #oom I am, but somehow still did [...]

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