TransBaviaans 2014: 24 hours of Pain and Glory


There may be more recent pretenders to the throne, but the #TransBaviaans 24HR MTB Marathon remains the original, 100% proof, Mother of All Single-stage MTB Monsters. Enter here and you better be prepared to commit mind, body and soul to a single-minded philosophy of bike-or-die. As they say in Afrikaans, “moenie hierdie katjie sonder handskoene [...]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2014 : Day 4 – The Road to Mapungubwe

TdT day 4

Okay, so I’ll come straight out and admit it … I’ve been dragging out the Uploading and Posting of my NEDBANK TOUR DE TULI images to Facebook. It’s not a lack of time or lazy thing, but rather a way of avoiding the #FOMO of not being there by living vicariously through the beautiful memories [...]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2014 : Day 3 – Zooming Zimbabwe

TdT day 3

Everybody comes short on the NEDBANK Tour de Tuli at some stage; it is just the nature of riding wild on ungroomed and challenging tracks. I had a few tumbles, fortunately innocuously enough, but sometimes you fall at just the wrong time or place. Today it was the turn of Tony Roche, my guide, as [...]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2014 : Day 2 – Crossing the Shashe River

TdT day 2

Amphitheatre Bush Camp is a pretty cool place, but you can’t lurk within the beautiful wilds of Botswana for ever. A world of wilderness awaits, and at dawn, a few hundred mountain bikers once again lay tracks onto virgin elephant trails as they pedalled towards Zimbabwe. Today it was necessary to carry your passport in [...]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2014 : Day 1 – Into Elephant Territory

Tdt day 1

If you’ve not been to Mashatu Game Reserve, you are missing out on one of Africa’s truly special places. The dramatic sandstone landscape unfolds on the Botswana side of the sluggish Limpopo, which was uncharacteristically in full flow this year, and a corker of a course had been marked out, mainly along elephant tracks ducking [...]

Nedbank Tour de Tuli 2014 : Day 0

TdT14 day 0

As a true-blue Oom, I’m a bit beyond all the hype surrounding mountain bike racing. Give me a wilderness trail any day of the year, though, and I’d be as keen as the next guy to saddle up and explore beyond the horizons. NEDBANK Tour de Tuli allows you to do exactly this, with endless [...]

Z2: The Next Level

Sony Z2

Friends who know me understand that I am a One-Device type of person, and that pretty much defines which phone I am going to choose when I head into the great outdoors. It needs to make calls effectively (it is a phone, after all); have a reasonable battery life and stand-by time; be my GPS [...]

Moerandgone in Fundudzi: The Place of the Python Dance


Shades of Burundi, with verdant tea plantations and Secret Forests. Or overtones of Madagascar, with red earth roads and placid lakes mirroring the cloudless sky. Maybe Middle Earth, even, with it’s spider-webbed trees and roiling, potholed rivers and giant bonzai flat-crowns … I cannot really make my mind up about my Fundudzi de javu, but [...]

#moerandgone in Baleni


To get to the African Ivory Route’s Baleni Camp, you have to bundu-bash your way beyond the town of Giyani into the beatiful bush veldt unfolding along the banks of the Klein Letaba River. This is not far from the border fence of the Kruger National Park and – although there are no dangerous game [...]

#moerandgone in Modjadji


The realm of the Rain Queen – southern Africa’s only matriarchal monarchy – is a place of awe and wonder. Here, within the innermost reaches of the Limpopo Province, you will find a mountain range bristling with cycads up to 13m tall. These encephalartos villosus giants date back 50-60 million years, to a time when [...]

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