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Hout Bay Trail Challenge 2012 Hout Bay Trail Challenge 2012
Kilometre for kilometre, I seriously doubt there is a tougher trail race on the Cape Peninsula. The annual HBTC - presented by Claire Ashworth and SPORTS 4 U, unfolded in fantastic weather and with arguably the strongest field I've seen at any trail race this year. Both the men's and women's fields duelled it out, with eventual honours going to the inimitable Will Robinson and Landie Visser. Kudos to every single racer who took on this gruelling challnege though - enjoy a well-deserved rest today!
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Grootvadersbosch 2-Day Trail Run Grootvadersbosch 2-Day Trail Run
Every time I visit Grootvadersbosch Conservancy near Heidelberg, I again realise that this is - without a shadow of a doubt - one of the most beautiful places in the world in which to run. Untouched indigenous forest, high fynbos plateaus, a dusting of snow on the peaks and black eagles patrolling the endless blue bowl of the sky above ... if you've not visited the conservancy or Honeywood Farm, add it to your Bucket List now. The event made up part of the brilliant Quantum Country Classic Runs around the rural Western and Northern Cape.
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Shipwreck Trail Shipwreck Trail
We have a glorious backyard here in the Deep South. Half an hour of travel delivers you into Cape Point Nature Reserve, a place that epitomises the elemental 'Cape of Storms'. If your timing is right, however, you will lose yourself along this rugged coastline on a glorious winter's day, with dozens of hikes to explore. Get outside!
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Photos of Me Photos of Me
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Route Tripping Route Tripping
The best way to find new trail running and mountain biking routes is to go on a road trip ... that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it :-) There was also a small matter of a mate's wedding in KZN, and a long overdue family break, but the cool thing was that Kay and Grace was keen to join in a road trip. Here are just a few stops along our search for more Holy Trails (and a thousand reasons why I love this country so much, despite the pot holes and corrupt politicians). Enjoy.
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An Agricultural Affair An Agricultural Affair
My mate Stephen Smith got married to the Lovely Emm in a field near Winterton. Vows were exchanged, tears were shed, jokes were shared, a secretary bird did a swooping fly-past and a swarm of bees buzzed the guests. Drinks were consumed from ice-filled drinking troughs, haute potjie cuisine made the tables groan and laughter rang out across the fields. Good people, and such a pleasure to share this special occasion with them. * No grooms were harmed during the making of this album.
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Trail Running Heaven ... that is the only way to describe the mountains above Jonkershoek near Stellenbosch. All the more reason why you should red-letter the 1st weekend of September on your calendar. If you don't believe me, go check out
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Retto Recce 2012 Retto Recce 2012
Fantastic afternoon out with the MAGNETIC SOUTH crew at the RETTO 2012 finish venue. If you thought the floating bridge at Nature's Valley provided top quality entertainment and a suitable 'sting in the tail' after 42km, you'll not be disappointed with what's being planned at for Storms River Mouth. Stay tuned for much more JM 'Insider's Info', or go to
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A real Cape Peninsula institution, the Old Fishermans Trail Challenge rates as one of the longest-running trail runs offered in and around Cape Town. Presented by SPORTS4U, the 2012 edition saw the full gamut of weather, with everything from rain squalls and gloomy skies to stunning winter sunshine. The route follows the historic 'Fishermans Trail' between Hout Bay and Fish Hoek, this year descending via the treacherous Blackburn Ravine to end at Hout Bay's Mariners Wharf. If you don't think you can run the challenging route, take any given Sunday and go and hike it - it is sure to leave you breathless!
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Published Stuff - Latest Published Stuff - Latest
Some of my published articles from the 20-odd local and international mags and newspapers I contribute to. Have focused on a range of features, from extreme sport to family and adventure travel, just to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks.
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