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Guys, if any of the main contributors to the TRAIL RUNNER'S GUIDE have not received a copy of the book, please give me a shout so I can make arrangements to get it to you :-) Grace Marais ... she has her mother's nose :-) Initial Cover Design Concept for new MTB Routes Guide #1, covering 100x Top Trails in Western, Eastern & Go Northern Cape As seen from my office at dawn this morning. Gotta love this city :-)
Range Rovering around Chappies with the Adidas Slack-Line crew :-) May be Jeepless, but look who came to the party with wheels for next week! #landrover
For those muppets who have no idea what a caracal or rooikat looks like ... This dude makes Gary Larson look pedestrian - gotta love it.
Now all we're looking for is an extreme octogenarian to ride this baby ...    
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