Trail Runner’s Guide (NEW)

The guide provides comprehensive coverage of trails in and around South Africa as well as information on training gear, footwear, nutrition, events and insider tips from several of South Africa’s leading trail-running experts.

Contents include:

Foreword by Ryan Sandes
‘From the streets to the trails’ by Elana Meyer
Getting into trail running, terrain tips and using the book
Choosing the right footwear
Minimalist running and barefooting by Benita De Witt
Yoga for runners by Karyn Velleman
Posture therapy and body balancing
Nutrition and hydration by Tim Noakes
Winter and summer runner information

Author, Jacques Marais, is also a photographer who regularly contributes to a wide selection of premium adventure, travel and outdoor magazines in South Africa and abroad. Leading titles include Runners World, Bicycling, Discovery Magazine, Time Out & Men’s Health. As a columnist for a range of newspapers, his photographs and articles are regularly published in newspapers and on web sites around the world.

Product details
Publisher: Map Studio
ISBN: 9781770263697
Publication date: July 2012
Length: 245mm
Width: 167mm
Pages: 224

Giant Step for Hi-Tec (SA)

One of the most trusted names in the outdoor sport and adventure field in South Africa celebrated their move to new premises in Cape Town this week. VIPs, clients, suppliers and staff from around the world got together for this grand occasion.

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Chill days in Stilbaai

Beach trail runs that go on forever, huge point breaks in great white country, gravel road pedalling for a 100kays, sandstone arches of biblical proportions, ancient Viswyver traps, hide-away beaches perfect for sundowners … no wonder we had to stay in Stilbaai for a couple extra days. I wanna be there … now.

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IALA Survivor

I joined the ‘International Academy for Leadership through Adventure’ on their first overnight adventure hike along a stunning section of the southern Cape coast from beyond Blombos to Jongensfontein. A glorious sunset morphed into a storm squall that evening, and after a Cape cobra visited our shelter, we decided to hit the trail again around 3AM. An awesome adventure for these young students from around SA and the world, with lots more fun to come as they connect with their ‘inner leader’ in the great outdoors. If ever you wanted a gap year to remember for life, look no further than IALA.

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Go Play. Go-Pro.

So I’ve had around two weeks to play with the new HERO 3, and the fun has certainly found me. Whether you go caving through the Kalk Bay mountains, surfing the Clovelly break, zipping down the Muiz Super-Tubes, snorkelling off Boulders, swimming Kleinplaas Dam, rock-rabbiting along 50+ mountain trails or bombing the Ou Wapad, there is always a reason to pack this little 12MP power-house. Don’t get me wrong: it can never replace the Nikons, but it wasn’t made to do that, but rather to complement your SLR when you go off in search of endorphins. The more I use the Go-Pro, the more quality I get out of it … you know what they say: ‘Playing makes Perfect’ 🙂

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