Build-It Trek2Teebus 2019 – Day 1

If you decide to ride #Trek2Teebus, the route and landscape promises to truly blow your mind. These images capture a little bit of the beauty we experienced on #Day1 ….

This #Karoo #Country #Cuisine #Culture #Crank adventure unfolds along remote tracks and farm roads tripping beyond the #Teebus & #Koffiebus kopjes looming up from the savanna grassland. The scenery had the riders in their element as they weaved amidst #nguni cattle, or meandered through endless fields of mauve irises.

This unarguably rates as #mtb heaven, and you only need to saddle up here to truly understand the attraction of this wonderful #Steynsburg space. Thanks for having us here, #petrichoradventures – what an incredible blast it has been so far. I’m betting on the event growing from strength to strength every year.

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Build it Trek 2 Teebus 3 day MTB Karoo Adventure

I’m an #OosKaap boytjie, so the odds were always high that I would enjoy #Trek2Teebus and the #steynsburg region. I never knew how much, though …

In a way, it was like coming home, I suppose. The Baviaans River Conservancy where I grew up is but a couple of hours away, and I felt like a 56yr old kid let loose within a familiar outdoor playground. Rooigras seeds in your socks, the Lego jumble of ysterklip koppies, the whistle of wild rheebuck in the highland ridges, the smell of the fertile red soil … it all felt comfortably familiar.

Then there’s the people, a gravelly mix of rough diamond boertjies and Tannies who’s hands stand wrong for nothing. They live a hard, but beautifully real life, living close to the land, and the conversations reminded me of 50yrs or so ago, when I sat near the Bloemhof Farm hearth, listening to my grandparents discussing farm life by the light of Coleman oil lanterns. I also got to speak proper Gcaleka Xhosa again.

The Build it Trek 2 Teebus- 3day MTB Karoo Adventure event itself was a #mountainbiking feast of note, with gritty off-piste riding along everything from wilderness tracks to fast, flowy gravel roads. It was phenomenal, with the only downer being Yolande de Villiers being injured in a really bad fall.

Huge thanks to Rohan GermishuysFleur Van Eeden, Rudolf Botha and their superb team. You guys feel like family, and I cannot wait for Chas Everitt Around the Pot – Overberg 100Miler and the soon-to-be-announced #Trail2Teebus

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Trek 2 Teebus – Steynsburg

Bloubospunt. Plaatfontein. Bulhoek. Koffiebus. Diknek … And the iconic #Teebus, of course. We’ve just returned from a magical hour of celestial perfection at the foot of this jagged outcrop while grabbing some #startrailimagery, and let’s just say I’m star-struck by what the #outdoor crowd can experience here in #steynsburg.

This far-flung corner of the #Karoo where the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Free State cosy up to each other continues to utterly blow my mind. This oft-forgotten piece of #RSA is both wasteland and heartland in stasis, with a rich history inexorably being eroded by urbanization, rural neglect and the economic collapse so typical of the #southafrican platteland.

A ghost town – with an Olympic-sized swimming pool – decays in the shadow of #Teebus Peak; Paul Kruger’s old house lies locked and forgotten off the R53; the tar road up #BullhoekPass is overgrown and unused;and Steynsburg has the post-apocalyptic feel of a town from the pages of a #DeonMeyer novel …

And yet, the area brims with incredible richness and diversity. Characters – like Oom Charles on the farm where we are staying – are larger than life, and country hospitality overwhelms you around every corner. Trail runs, rock climbs, mountain treks, ridgeline traverses, bike packing, birding, star-gazing … you decide what you want to do, and then you plug into this amazing #easterncape space.

And if you decide to ride #Trek2Teebus, the route and landscape promises to truly blow your mind. Tomorrow is #Day3 of this #CountryCrank along remote tracks and farm roads tripping into imposing kopjes looming up from savanna grassland, weaving amidst #nguni cattle, or meandering through endless fields of mauve irises.

This is #mtb heaven, and you need to ride here to understand the attraction of this wonderful space. We’ve loved every second of our visit, PETRICHOR ADVENTURES and Build it Trek 2 Teebus- 3day MTB Karoo Adventure – what an incredible and humbling experience! This event is sure to keep growing from year to year ????????

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Trek 2 Teebus – Teebus

Our 11hr #roadtrip to #trek2teebus started around 3am, but going completely unplugged on the antediluvian #Karoo plains makes it all worthwhile. A magical landscape beckons beyond #steynsburg, with the bizarre #Teebus and #Koffiebus koppies looming up from the savanna grassland like two geometric boobs.

The towering Teebus – culminating in 80m high cliffs – proved too much of a temptation for the @OZone_africa crew, prompting Zane Schmahl and #DieOom to execute a lightning ascent of this iconic landmark. We ran out of light one pitch short of the true summit, but bagged one of our best #AndBreathe adventures ever. Super edgy, huge exposure, kak-in-your-pants kinda cliffs … a beer has never tasted this good!

Tomorrow the 3x day #StageRace starts and I cannot wait! Thanks for having us here, @PetrichorAdven1  #petrichoradventures #Trek2Teebus #Teebus #mtb #mountainbike

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As a birthday present to myself, I completely ignored the ball-ache that is Social Media for pretty much most of the weekend. A huge THANK YOU is therefore overdue now to all those fantastic Facebookians who took time out to wish me a happy 56th spin around the sun. It’s been a pretty awesome year, and your thoughts, wishes, messages, posts, calls, gestures … it all constantly contributes to that greater cosmic consciousness ????

And out of all the gifts I received, none will ever compare to the love, support, kindness, energy and laughter that come from this little tribe of mine. Huge gratitude to my Mumz, Bethaboo, Robster and Gracey Meisie … thank you for allowing me the space to roam free, but to always know I have this beautiful spiritual space to return to.

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Four mind-blowing days discovering the magic of the #Hessequa Region, an area these days gaining recognition from adventurous travellers as the #ExplorersGardenRoute. Conservancies, nature reserves, thumping surf breaks, endless gravel roads, meandering rivers, quirky towns, larger-than-life characters …

Me and mate-from-way-back Mark Stuart ventured via Jakkalsvlei Winery and Heidelberg to the incredible #trails of Grootvadersbosch Conservancy, before tripping over the #Malgas pontoon to the coastal serenity of #Witsand. This watersport paradise is made for #SUP#surf and all kinds of angling, with outstanding hospitality at the PILI PILI Witsand Restaurant ????????

Zane Schmahl pulled in just in time to experience the #jaegermeister excesses of Albertinia Hotel and the #KoringDraai Kroeg. Soos die locals sê: “Suip the Cape in Shape”… Ons het hittetitte heelhuids daar ontsnap, en nie te danke aan Lume Vermeulen nie … Fortunately, a good T-bone steak, and some solid #outdoor action in the breathtaking Gourikwa Nature Reserve and #Gouritsmond restored our blood-alcohol levels to normal!

Perfect playground to test out the surf boards, Giant Bicycles South Africa#mtbRed Paddle Co SA #SUP, Fluid Kayaks #DoItNow and the Front Runner South Africa roof racks. And always great hooking up with legendary locals like Aileen AndersonFleur Van EedenJantjie JonkerRohanLyzette Feldtmannand the likes. Attached are a few aerial views of the area, courtesy of the GoPro #karma

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Gorgeous Grootvadersbosch Conservancy

Stunning riding and trail running at the gorgeous Grootvadersbosch Conservancy

Two glorious #trail shoot sessions with @strawberryhillfarm @strawberryhillfarm on the superb @gvbconservancy #mtb and #trailrun routes here near #grootvadersbosch. Thank you for making this happen, @aileenoutside ????????

This top #conservancy near #heidelberg is one of the #Hessequa Region’s key #ecotourism destinations, with a myriad #outdoor activities to take part in. Look out for a feature article on the area in the upcoming #ToyotaConnect publication.

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False Bay Red Paddle Co SA Family Sessions

The #FalseBay waters may not be as warm as Mozambique, but man, it makes for a gorgeous playground! Here’s a few weekend #wipeout photos from one of our Red Paddle Co SA family sessions.

What a brilliant #wipeout weekend as the family gets to grips with our fabulous @redpaddlesa #SUPs. Sometimes it is way easier to get your toys to the beach – courtesy of the @frontrunnerza #slimline roof rack system and @isuzusa #Xrider – than it is to master your balance.

Images shot on the mind-blowing @sony #RX0

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