Isuzu Wild Coast Adventure #3

  Sometimes you see a sublime backline shaping up, and you paddle out without thinking too much about what is happening beneath you in the #BigBlue. Then you go to the bar for a celebratory beer, and find dozens of photos of big-ass apex predators hooked off #SharkPoint, literally 50m from where you’re surfing. Not […]

Isuzu Wild Coast Adventure #2

There are no real roads on the #WildCoast anymore. What you have are corrugated dirt strips, with axle-snapping potholes, herds of fatalistic #Nguni cattle, and kamikaze pigs dashing from the blood-coloured mud run-offs after the heavy summer rains. Android sheep, scrawny goats, feral dogs on the prowl, young children trekking miles to get to school […]