Beyond the Rift Valley 2018 – Remembering

There’s something about the energy of an African market that is impossible to replicate. The smell of cassava flour and ripe banana and crushed fresh coriander wafting on the breeze; the sound cloud of bartering (and bantering) ebbing and flowing like an endless aural audio loop; the crush of people migrating amidst staggered stalls selling everything from traditional herbs and home-brew Akabanga peri-peri oil, to #NBA knock-off sneakers …

Cue colourful splashes of Kente cloth in a visual time-lapse, punctuated by the crimson flash of slashed watermelon; the buzzing of an army of benign bees in a holding formation above the fresh fruit stands; the visceral blood and guts of the local butcher, wielding his razor-sharp machete with deft and determined strokes … it makes for a multi-pronged assualt on every one of your senses.

Markets in #Rwanda were not much different to elsewhere in Africa, except that there was no edge or anger to the energy here. It was business as usual in #Africa, but with flow and purpose, and being a part of it was just one more incredible out-take from our Dunlop Tyres SA #BeyondTheRiftValleyExperience.

It is now a couple of weeks later and I’m working through thousands of images, wondering how to best tell the dozens of stories coursing through my mind. All I know is that it was an immense privilege to spend time in #RemarkableRwandawith Peter Van Kets and the rest of the #BTRV Team, and that I’d love to venture back here on another Beyond Expeditions journey – with Isuzu South AfricaFront Runner South Africa and Hi-Tec South-Africa – in the future.

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