Expedition Africa Rodrigues 2019: Day 4


Sometimes those 3AM wake-ups really pay off, and this was certainly one of those mornings. The light at T6 went all Cecil B. de Mille about an hour before dawn, with a gunmetal grey sea, a dozen drifting pirogues, tired team members wading into the icy maw of the ocean, and the dawn light leaking out from the serried ranks of monochrome clouds scudding in on the horizon. It truly unfolded like the paraphrased remake of ‘All Quiet on the Eastern Front’.

Racers were strewn around the transition like wounded soldiers, patching up scars, heating coffee water on their tiny stoves, sharing war stories and #SleepMonster incidents, or just on internal pause mode as they slipped into the 1000-yard stare. This is truly what the #AR sharp edge looks like, and you cannot begin to imagine the ecstasy and agony until you have walked ten thousand kilometers in their shoes.

From T6, it was a non-stop day basically focusing on the mammoth tussle unfolding in the lead bunch. It went down to the wire, but in the end it was the impeccable Swedes from #GreenerAdventures who stole the show … Huge kudos to them, #TeamBlizzard from Russia, and 3rd place #MERRELZA. Good news for Team SPOT Africa fans is that Zane SchmahlRobert Le Brun and the boys are holding on to their #Top10 Spot (see what I there)

All I can say is that the @sonyalphasa
#sonya7r3 rocks low light like nothing else, especially with thosr f1.8 lenses from @OrmsDirect

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