A week with Nikon’s V1

When NIKON Launched the V1, I was disappointed by what I perceived to still be a relatively small sensor. Even though it is rated as an APS-C sized capturing device, it was about half the size when compared to the sensor on for example the Fuji X-100. After a 7 days of snapping away with this kick-ass little cam, I can tell you it definitely gets my vote. Superb dynamic range, great detail and pin-sharp optics, all in a double-lens package weighing less than a small DSLR, will deliver top quality images perfect for anything but the most exacting high-end print media. So, if you want an under-the-radar camera punching way above its weight at an affordable price, there’s not much that will out-gun the V1. Double thumbs-up material in my opinion.

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