All I want for Christmas 2019 …

All I want for #Xmas is a long left roller 🌊🌊🌊 What a month of surf we’ve had here in the #BeautifulSouth, topped off with a thumping Reserve session yesterday. I have to admit my heart rate spiked with every one of those intimidating walls rolling in (and yes, my hit rate was well below average on the fading left), but damn, when the stars aligned la vida went fully loca …

Hugely impressed with the #Robster who paddled into the fray before anyone else. This laaitie has become a champ on the sponge and next-level on his new shortboard. Personally, #DieOom has clocked in the region of 80km of #surf in the last month, sort of on par with what I’m running 😳

So lekker to share the ocean stoke with my boy, my family, good mates, and with the odd cold beer thrown in for good measure! And jeez, the new Isuzu South Africa #isuzuMUX is proving to be the best outdoor vehicle imaginable since fitting the Front Runner South Africa #slimline racks. Oh ja, I guess we score big time bonus points for sharing Olifantsbos with this incredibly cute Cape clawless Otter family

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