Beyond the Rift Valley 2018 – Kigali, Rwanda

Spotless. Colourful. Creative. Progressive. Friendly. Vibey. Safe. These are adjectives not often used when describing an African capital, but every single one of them holds true for #Kigali. And as far as technological advances go, this city is light years ahead of RSA, with hyperspeed fibre, traffic lights that count down, boulevards sans plastic bags or litter, and with a constant sense of being in a metropolis that works, in every sense of the word.

The greatest asset of the capital, however, must be its people. They are considered and considerate, and walking around the city at night with camera equipment never once posed even the slightest of problems. A huge Thank You to Rob and Ingrid Baas Janssen for introducing us to Kigali, and for assisting and supporting us through their superb Children in the Wilderness network, with amazing help from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

What stands out is the Incredible Rwanda Genocide Museum, in my mind as powerful and harrowing as the ‘Killing Fields’ in Cambodia, the superb #inkirenzi book shop, and the truly magnificent coffee cultivated, roasted and brewed in this green-hilled and heavenly country.

Today we will be heading to #Nyungwe National Park to begin our navigation of the #NileCongoDivide. Follow us on our SPOT Africa link on or check out ‘The Great Beyond’ Facebook Page. Huge thanks to all our amazing sponsors and partners who got the Dunlop Tyres SA #BeyondTheRiftValley Expedition to remarkable #rwanda 

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