Beyond the Rift Valley 2018 – Tanzania Road Tripping

Mayhem. Nothing quite describes the utter chaos of road-tripping through Tanzania’s northeastern provinces, especially the back roads careening out from Kigoma. Potholed tarmac strips splice together endless gravel war zones, where juggernaut trucks broadside into view around blind corners, with no escape route but a 3m ditch 15cm away from your wheels.

There is but one rule, and that very clearly states ‘might has right’, so either you get the hell out of the way, or you get mad-maxed in these dust-blasted, dog eat dog trenches. We did the former as we dodged and ducked and dived our way to the #rwanda border, dust-lining along the outer edge of the vast, deep-water Tanganyika Lake, and with the DRC simmering with intent on the far horizon.

Marshes, palm trees and green hills appeared as we approached the mighty #Ruvuma River and jade mountains of #rwanda. The sun fizzled out in the west just after crossing into this little mountain paradise, a gruelling 16hrs slog into a truly testing day. (There was a full unpack and search of the #xriders by the RNP border guards, but let’s go there right now).

Happiness all round to have Peter Van Kets finally join us on the Dunlop Tyres SA #BeyondTheRiftValley Expedition, and kudos to Derek Devine and everyone who took their turns behind the wheels of the Isuzu South Africa#xriders. This has been a gruelling test of the vehicles and the #GrandTrekTyres – I’m a believer

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