Brandkop Farm #1

Booming the remote Namaqua West Coast gravel roads as we chase the #BloodMoon shadows across the #Knersvlakte plains, this time bound for the high #mesa mountains of the #HantamKaroo. This preternatural space ,- bristling with a profusion of herbaceous Succulent-Karoo and #Renosterveld scrub – is balm for the soul .

The ancient geology dates back to the time of dinosaurs, and you can feel millions of years of prehistory surging from this ‘oer-land’ into your very bones. Aromas of harpuis and kerriebos and geranium mist upon the morning air, and you connect with nature at the very core of your spiritual being.

The beauty of both the land and the people is absolute, and visceral #adventure gut-thumps you around every corner. Thank you, ISUZU South Africa for getting us into the dusty heart of this inexplicably gorgeous hinterland 🙏💚🍃☀️