Cape Fires – March 2015

I have seen some truly spectacular photographs of the recent fires sweeping through the Cape Peninsula. So far the images I posted were mostly grabbed with my #SONY Xperia, but I did have the cameras on hand a few times – these are some of those photos.

I know there has been some polemic and negativity bandied about on social media, but once again I have to stress that 99.9% of my interaction with people from all spectrums from across the Beautiful South has left me warm-hearted.

For a fantastic INFO-GRAPHIC on the fire, please check out this link:

In the end, it does not really matter how that first flicker of a flame started; what counts is how we move forward as individuals, and how we take responsibility to minimise this kind of damage in the future. And if anyone from the Volunteer WildFire Services end up reading this – I am more than happy to donate any and all of my images for free usage.

Click here to view the pics