Strandfontein West Coast, Western Cape

It’s been just three days, but jeez, we managed to fit a week of #winetasting, authentic food and #outdoor adventure into our latest trip to Namaqua West Coast. Our main reason for visiting was the annual Doringbaai Perlemoenfees 2023, but who could resist the call of premier #olifantsriver wine estates such as Teubes Wines, Namaqua […]

Klawer Wynkelder / Klawer Wines, Namaqua West Coast

Always lekker to play in the #OlifantsRiver Valley, and reconnect with the #wine and people of the earthy and authentic Namaqua West Coast Wine Region. Klawer Wynkelder / Klawer Wines was our first stop yesterday, with an incredible bouquet of award-winning varietals and blends, perfectly paired with everything from rooibos biscotti to kokerboom cheese Click […]


This is a shout-out to all those people who get shit done, despite the load-shedding, mad fuel prices, rising interest rates and other obstacles they face as business start-ups here in South Africa. Mark Loftus and Tatum Prins are good mates of mine and just top people all round, so it has been inspirational following […]

The Old Mushroom Farm, KZN Midlands

Tiny forest creatures, ancient tree giants, warm-hearted people, and magical spaces epitomize the landscape shaping Karkloof Conservancy and the surrounding villages. And at the very heart of this region, the Sappi Southern Africa #ecoadventure trails await, ready to reconnect you with #nature at its finest. We’re heading home today in the ISUZU South Africa #DMAX […]

Rockwood Karkloof Nature Reserve

#Karkloof. Every time I come here, I consider uprooting my (our) life and moving to this beautiful space. The earthy energy, the heartwarming people, the fresh air, the undiluted connection to nature, and of course the unequalled #trails … the Karkloof Conservancy truly is a part of South Africa (and the world) that is absolutely […]

Rockwood Farm Cottage, Howick, KZN

My mates from SA’s northern climes often have a lot to say about the Cape’s inclement weather. Nou ja, these are scenes from today (30th October, nogal) along the route from Tranquilitas Adventure Farm to Karkloof Conservancy. Snow, sleet, 0 Degree temperatures, thunder storms, and very much a wardrobe malfunction if you packed for summer. […]

Mankele Adventures

There’s so much more to Mankele Adventures and the gorgeous Sappi Paper forests up here than just #trailrunning and #mountainbiking. We explored the 6km limestone caverns of the mythical Sudwala Caves and plugged into a quick Sudwala Zipline adrenaline hit after two solid days in the ISUZU South Africa #DMAX. Tomorrow we switch onto the […]

Fairway Surfing

When the biggest winter storm in decades dumps unfathomable volumes of rain on the Cape, the local golf course may just become an extension of the Silvermine River. There’s always an up-side, though, and this time around it was getting to surf the fairway just below the 14th green. Also, perfect opportunity to test the […]

House of Grace Community Development Centre

I got a first-hand peek at the #mitchellsplain Haka yesterday in the lead-up to Rugby World Cup, en dis sommer net befok. There was more #gees in Rocklands Community Centre than in all of Scotland, ever, so last night’s #Bokke victory was pretty much a given. And jirre, that livewire meisiekind leading the Mitchell,s Plain […]

The JirreVan, Harkerville

Flash decision to mission the #JirreVan down to Harkerville and install it in pride of place on our Marais forest spot. Two tranquil nights – despite the Garden Route storms and dodging Ugene Nel‘s hillbilly drinking games – hidden within those primal woods = total bliss. Catching up with top moegoe mates Tony Cook and […]