Time travelling at Kagga Kamma

The BEST kind of time-travelling – loved every minute I worked on this project at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve {First the world was rock} and untold millennia later, there came mankind. Just imagine the stories these Cederbereg rocks could tell, as well as the tales etched and painted onto stone by the first people who […]

Morning walk with a macro Lens

Ah, morning walks with a #macro lens … no place better than Friends of Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve Wander through the Wildflower Reserve observing hidden wonders Pause to marvel at delicate spider webs. These intricate marvels of natural engineering reflect not only the spiders’ behavior and environment but also the health and diversity of the […]

A virtual visit to the site wherec the Khoekoen pot was found

Just more than a year ago, a remarkable discovery was made at Kagga Kamma: two guests – Ivan and Elizma van Niekerk – were hiking in a very remote part of the Reserve when they discovered a ceramic pot dating back to the end of the Late Stone Age era. A few months after this […]

Van Stadens Wild Reserve #2

| AND BREATHE | It’s been a process. The amount of visual collateral I’ve worked through after my few days of shooting at Friends of Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve has been absolutely astounding. This diverse #conservation destination is all about a deep dive into the hidden detail one finds when you take time to connect […]

Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve

Slowing down life after three full-on days of filming at the Friends of Van Stadens Wildflower Reserve. This tiny gem on the edge of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality surely rates as one of SA’s best-kept, peri-urban #natureconservation secrets. Superb #trailrunning, #mountainbiking & #hiking trails, plus #birding, #photography a host of leisure and other #natureimmersion […]

Kagga Kamma discovery

| FIRST THE WORLD WAS ROCK | And millennia later, there came mankind. These early humans roamed the vastness of the African continent and – by the Late Stone Age – hunter-gatherers and pastoralists ranged beyond the Cederberg ranges and across the Cape Province. Occasionally, we are fortunate enough to stumble across some of the […]

Birthday at Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve

Birthdays. Not really a thing when you’ve roamed the planet for six decades (plus one). Which is why Karyn and I escaped into the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, where the only ‘connection’ you can log into is the one with #nature. We did just that, exploring gritty trails, drinking from dark-water streams, and completely losing ourselves […]

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Two nights ago – for an hour or two before midnight – I lay on my back, awestruck by the enormity of this galactic sky. The firmament was alive with the whizzpopping of a billion bright stars, and as the late autumn chill seeped up from the bedrock through my thin puffer jacket and workwear […]

Western Cape Championships – Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Nippers

Wild, windy Western Cape Championships for the Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Nippers, once again dominating the two-day event held at Strand. Immensely proud of Grace for her grit and determination in charging headlong into the snarl of the elements (and well-deservedly placing in an amazing seven disciplines). A dedicated coaching team, inter-club camaraderie and parents […]

Van Life

An abundance of balance, low solar light, breathing space and good vibes as we #forestbathe in Harkerville for the weekend. I love that the indigenous trees tower all round, even when you’re inside the #JirreVan (which Grace has transformed into ‘Crochet HQ’ while working on her next commission)