CHEAT SHOT ALERT: Double Exposure

Sometimes, the planets may well align, gifting you with a mind-blowing #bloodmoon as well as a simultaneous lunar exposure, all while fully immersed within the dramatic geography of the Namaqua West Coast Region. That moon, however, very rarely lines up in such a way as to do justice to both its celestial and earthly surrounds (and believe me, you can ignore 98% of what you see on #Instagram) …

Case in point: the imposing #Maskam massif must be captured in all its glorious wide-angle grunt, which leaves #LaLuna as a washed-out blip above the vaunted cliffs. And on #Gifberg, that dramatic #StoneTower gap opens up 90 degrees from due West, which is sort of where you’d ideally want the bugger to set. So, humour me just for a moment while I use computer trickery to place that magical orb exactly where I would have liked it to be 👌🙏

See included the original photographs I have manipulated for visual context; I can truly recommend that you head onto those remote #vanrhynsdorp plains for the next full moon (or if you want to capture top #astrophotography images). It is a perfect place to reconnect with our ancient Stone Age roots, and to be utterly awed by this mythical planet as it hurtles around the sun. Thank you, ISUZU South Africa for allowing me to chase the stars ✨🌙