Cruising the Quiver Tree Route

The #GreenKalahari‘s ‘Quiver Tree Food & Wine Route’ boasts a host of destinations, ranging from superb camping spots and self-catering river resorts to 5-star guesthouses. If you’re ever up in this amazing part of the Northern Cape, do yourself a favour and check out some of the very diverse (and often completely unexpected) places.

Oranjerus Resort on the banks of the Orange River combines rustic rural charm with natural tranquility; African Vineyard on Kanoneiland is sure to utterly blow your mind when it comes to food, wine and style, and is comparable with any world-class destination; Kalahari Water near Keimoes enables you to escape from the rat race along their 4×4 trail, or at their hide-away camp sites and chalets; and Lake Grappa brings to the party an international standard water-ski lake with a full gamut of accommodation options.

And then there is Riemvasmaak, a remote and utterly wild space, set inside the bowels of a dramatic canyon, at the very end of a gravel road. If you like your own company, and star-brimmed night skies, and agama skinks, and the echo of chacma baboon calls when leopard stalk at midnight, add this as a must-do ‘MOER & GONE’ place to visit.

Tranquility, natural drama, soul space, adrenaline adventure, wide skies, world-class cuisine, water sports … expect the unexpected, anywhere up there in the gorgeous#NorthernCape.

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