Desert Daze – Kalahari River Safaris

My opportunity for a couple of days of play while up in the Green Kalahari came as a huge bonus while shooting the 2015 Edition of the Green Kalahari Canoe Marathon.

This then is the thing about this arid province: every time I get up there, it conspires like an old friend to suck me into fireside tales under a gnarly acacia tree, with sizzling steaks on the braai grid, a cold beer in your hand, starry skies above and maybe the faint echo of a giant eagle owl hooting in the distance.

And when you do this, you generally end up with good mates (or make new ones), as this is the Noord-Kaap way. It was excellent to visit Kalahari River & Safaris Camp on the banks of the Great Gariep, end even though it was only for a night, it just highlighted the fact that I have to head back here.

Soon, and definitely with the family. Off-road driving, mountain biking, trail running, fly-fishing, rafting, kayaking … the outdoor opportunities are limitless.

Thank you, Danie and Philippa Anne Van Zyl, your hospitality is truly appreciated. We’ll be back, and I’m looking forward to experiencing all the changes you are putting in place 🙂

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