Expedition Africa 2018: Part 1 – A Visual Retrospective

The most difficult thing post #ExpeditionAfrica is not really the #FOMO if you’re a photographer … it is more how to narrow down the images you want to use. Thing is, there are so many special moments for so many different people, that it becomes difficult to just discard a photograph which captures any one of dozens of different super-hero athletes in a memorable moment. So, what I’m trying to say is, please bear with me during the deluge of pix which will follow over the next few days. In fact, Mute me if you’re not into the ‘Sport of Kings’, as this will take a while … I’ll be breaking the imagery down into a series of consecutive albums, with this first series focusing on the faces and places leading up to that stunning start line at #DoringBay. This has been a special event for me after not shooting #AdventureRacing for a good few years, and all I can say is that Kinetic Events Africa have upped the #AR Game hugely. I’d be hard pressed to name any other international event able to compete when it comes to their media, logistics and overall event coordination capabilities, so take a bow, Stephan Muller, Heidi Muller, Craig Giese and the crew as a whole. What obviously also made it special was that I was out there with GRIT Nyamezela Adventure Racing Team, and what a pleasure it always is to hang with Peter and Kim van Kets! Proper Oos-Kaap people, the both of them, and joined by the excellent Misty and Dylan James Weyer. I could not have wished for a better foursome to spend time with out in the field (with wing-man of note, Dudley Bruce Wessels, of course)! The photographs do not only capture the journey of #GRITnyamezela, though, as adventure racing is not only about one group of individuals. There is more cameraderie here than in any other sporting discipline on the planet, and it was great to once again see so many faces from my early #AR days … where I could, I grabbed some pix of some of my friends, collegues and connections, many who have by now become legends in their own right. Lastly, a huge shout-out to the wonderful people of the Namaqua West Coast region. Julle is nie die sout van die aarde nie; maar liewer properse diamante, en dit was ‘n moerse plesier om tyd saam met julle te spandeer. En Monika De Jager, jy kan baie trots wees op jou aandeel in die sukses van #ExpeditionAfrica. Ek hoop julle veld bot sommer grasgroen na die lekker reen!

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