Expedition Africa Rodrigues 2019: All done

Yoh. And Yoh again. There is just no ways that #RodriguesIsland can only be 18km long and 12km wide. Around every corner; up every peak; within each consecutive valley; along the breathtaking coastline … the landscape never, ever lets up. And I can guarantee you that every single racer out of the 240 competitors at this year’s #ExpeditionAfrica will wholeheartedly agree that Ile Rodrigues Tourisme punches way above it’s geographical weight category ????️????

The other element of surprise here are the constant changes in mood as you explore the island. This morning – during the pre-dawn hours where the #Sleepmonster prowls upon the very edge of your subconscious – unfolded like a gritty Dunkirk landing, with rictus grimaces in place on dazed faces. Emotions roiled and rippled upon the surface of each and every competitor as they tried to comprehend the enormity of the past 72hrs.

But the sun always rises on Rodrigues, and when it does, everything morphs into a scene from Hawaii Five-O. Crystal clear water, golden beaches, swaying palm trees, the sun on your back and Calypso tunes mix-taping in your mind. The Gods and Godesses of #AR is alive and well, and they are strutting ashore on one of the most intoxicating islands in the whole of the Indian Ocean ????️????

And that’s #DieOom, signing out from the island vibe for now. Time to reconnect with my beautiful family, and my surf board, for sure. Huge thanks to all the racers who generously allowed me to capture their spirit: you are heroes, each and every one of you, and I salute your bravery and strength.

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