Expedition Africa Rodrigues 2019: Day 3

Holy blikskottel. What a flippen day … After the indeterminate #tigerlines and fortuitous goat tracks of yesterday, we’ve somehow managed to strike the mother-lode of awesomeness today. Jaw-dropping scenery, non-stop action, multiple layers of intrigue and strategy, hard-won ecstacy and uncharted agony … today is the day that Kinetic Events Africa #ExpeditionAfrica on Ile Rodrigues Tourisme came of age ????????????????

There was zero let-up from way before dawn as the teams battled their personal demons along the 320km course, pulling out all the stops as they manhandled their boats up and over reefs, descended into the dark underbelly caverns, and and explored the idyllic islands dotting the turquoise waters of surrounding #Rodrigues Island.

We got lucky on the ocean crossing to #IsleDeCocos, one of the world-famous nature reserves here in the #mascarene group of islands. Thousands of nobbies, fairy terns, tropic birds and other feathered fowl inhabit this tiny spit of land,and it redefines the concept of ‘paradise island’. Our trip there deserves an independent post, which will happen in due course.

Good news is that my mates Robert Le BrunZane SchmahlCharl Du Plessisand Lizzy are currently cooking in 8th position – real rock and roll racing from a unit who is certainly no longer a mid-pack team. In other news, Tatum and Team Merrell are in the thick of things at the sharp end of the race.

We bumped into the podium melee as #MerrellZA#TeamBlizzard from Russia and #GreenerAdventures from Sweden duked it out en route to T9, with less than 3min separating the Big Guns of #AR. In about 12hrs we’ll know who the real rulers of #Rodrigues are … all bets are on, with all eyes on the finish line for some midday action come tomorrow

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