Exploring the Tulbagh Bone Trail

Bru… Let’s just say #MountainBiking is a pretty cruel sport. If you’re spending more time on your #board than on your #bike – way more, in my case – you’re going to seriously suffer when you tackle the #Tulbagh #BoneTrail, a tough old bugger of a crank into those high-and-righteous #witzenberg ridges.

Start off from the #trailhead at @manleywinelodge just outside historic Tulbagh, keeping right on the tarmac for a couple hundred metres before klapping a sharp left over a stile and onto a trippy 3km #singletrack stretch skedaddling along the Klein Bergrivier. This morphs onto a gravel road climb through apple and plum orchards until you reach the split between the Green and Black Routes at 6km.

Put on your Big Boy Pants right about now, as you’re about to say hello to Granny as you wind a steep switchback trail to the Bone Trail summit (7.5km). You rejoin the Green Route at 9am, having rejoiced in the joys of gravity, but the next ascent lies in wait. Much up-and-down follows as the trail roller-coasters about in wild abandon, until you bottom out at approximately 15km.

The fun is by no means done as you dip past Schalkenbosch (18km) on a speedy gravel section. Keep it pedal to the metal as you bomb back into the sleepy main street, with at least a dozen quirky eateries vying for your cash dollar. It may have been the 33 Degree Celsius heat, but damn, that 23km ride sure felt like 60kays!?

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