Eye of the Storm

Southern Storm 2010 is history, but only to those who did not sweat blood, eat dust and shed tears along the gruelling Garden Route course. Those competitors who look back upon one of 2010’s seminal multisport endurance events will remember it for life, as will every volunteer, spectator and crew member who shared the experience. Some stand-out moments will never fade … Andre Gie’s gut-thumping run to smash the Otter record with an impossible time of 4hrs 48min, and the snarling dog fight of a finish with Iain-Don Wauchope – in Wolverine mode – snapping at his very heels. Jeannie Bomford went atomic on the ladies’ record as well, but instead of slugging it out, she floated in on her Infinities as if on a gentle meander. Cas van Ardenne, Greg Goodall, Graham Daniel, Mark Preen, Hanlie Booyens, Michelle Lombardi – the endurance elite were all there, and they took the fight to each other. In the end, however, their battle was with the eye-bleedingly beautiful and always-in-your-face terrain of the Garden Route. There is, and can never be, another event quite like The Southern Storm. We wait, with bated breath, until next year … same time, same place. See YOU there.

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