Family Tripping: Into Namaqualand

A bit of a family break has been way overdue for me … Most of my travels focus on shoots where I need to cover specific destinations or projects, so this time around it was an absolute pleasure to have a more open agenda, with ample time to spend with Kay, Beth, Robs and Grace.

From Cape Town, we headed up via Calvinia – where we joined forces with Oupa and Ouma – to a little spot called Jakkalswater situated in a hideaway valley between Springbok and Nababeep. The location is fantastic, with superb access to trail running routes (recently used during the Namaqua Quest) and back-of-beyond mountain biking. Kay and I did some superb flower riding, and I did a mission on the Silverback Slider 275 into the lunar landscape of the Schaap River Canyon. Baboons, klipspringers, rugged cliffs and not another soul for hours on end …

Jakkalswater is a perfect family spot, and I barely saw the kids as they roamed wild into the high rock domes surrounding the accommodation units. Anything goes from camping or self-catering to fully catered stays – check them out on Facebook!

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